343 Initiative Success!

Thank you to all of our generous customers! Because of your patronage, satintouch’s 343 Initiative has raised over $11,000 dollars for Minnesota veterans, students, and children since its launch at the end of 2016! Our work’s not over yet, though. With your help, satintouch will continue to raise support for the needs of our community.
The 343 Initiative is our way of giving back to our community here at satintouch. When you contract with us, three percent of our fee will go to your choice of one of three initiatives that are doing good in Minnesota.
3 Three Percent
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3 Three Causes
Our clients do not incur any additional cost when they participate, but they walk away with the assurance that 3 percent of their contract with satintouch will be helping those in need. The choice of causes are Pets for Vets, Blanket Minnesota, and the 343 Scholarship.
Pets for Vets recognizes the difficult transition that US servicemen and women make as they return from protecting our freedom and defending our borders. Our veterans have put their lives on the line to defend our country, and we want to show them our gratitude by providing them with a companion animal of their choice for life, including all the necessary vaccinations and food for one year. The 343 Initiative has raised $4,120.35 to support our veterans!
Blanket Minnesota brings some holiday joy to children who are in the hospital during the Christmas season. This cause provides children with handmade blankets and a stuffed animal to keep them company and remind them that they are loved and cared for. Blanket Minnesota has raised $3,756.52 to give gifts to Minnesota children.
The 343 scholarship recognizes the value of a good education to success in the 21st century and the barrier of expense that prevents so many industrious and community-minded students from receiving an education that matches their talents and desires. The 343 scholarship will help pay for tuition, books, and other expenses for a student who exemplifies the spirit of 343’s dedication to community. Because education is important across the globe, some funds will go toward building orphanages in Sierra Leone. The 343 scholarship has raised $3,574.36 for students foreign and domestic.
With your continued support, satintouch and the 343 Initiative will continue its support of these important causes. When you contract with satintouch, you’re not only making a valuable investment in the rehab and redesign of your rental space but also in our local and global community. Thank you for your support!