6 Ideas for Hosting Thanksgiving in an Apartment

Apartments may be smaller than a house, but that doesn’t mean you can’t host a great  Thanksgiving dinner!

Be efficient with your space by rearranging your furniture
Rather than trying to fit a long table to accommodate all your guests, relocate your furniture.
Put drinks in a cooler, not the fridge.
Just like a picnic, put your drinks in the cooler. You’ll free up important space for food in the fridge.
Use Crock Pots and Hot Plates
There’s never enough room in the oven for all the food to stay warm. Save on energy and keep the room cooler by using crock pots and hot plates. 
Have fun with lighting.
Try adding some lamps or hanging lights to give the space a warm ambiance.  
Disposable Tableware
Putting on Thanksgiving is work enough. Have disposable and festive disposable tableware and skip the dishes.
Make it a pot luck party
Ask your guests to chip in by bringing some of the side dishes. It’s the true spirit of Thanksgiving to have everyone come together and share!