Get your Apartment Community Ready for Halloween


Soon enough, your halls will be filled with a host of ghosts, goblins, witches and vampires. The sight isn’t scary. Not being prepared for them is. But is your community ready for that onslaught of small children? If you’ve ever gone trick or treating, you know that the little goblins and vampires run from apartment… Read more »

Confidently Choose Paint Colors


Begin with a Reference Point Think of the colors you are naturally drawn to by looking at things like photographs you like, a piece of artwork, the colors in your wardrobe, and what colors you already have in your home. And, look for inspiration everywhere. Choosing Colors If you want to have multiple colors in… Read more »

Vacant Units are Costly, We Save you Time and Money


The minute a renter turns back the keys, the clock starts ticking. It needs to be filled and filled soon. Otherwise, it will cost you. A vacant unit could cost an owner anywhere from $1,500 to over $5,000 per month when you factor in make-ready costs, advertising, and incentives to get the unit leased. And… Read more »

Turnovers are quicker with a contractor


Turnovers are something all landlords dread. Filling cracks, painting walls, sanitizing, and advertising — all of these tasks add up to valuable time and money. The bottom line: every day without a tenant paying rent is a day without money coming in. Having a strategy already in place will minimize the lost money from a… Read more »