Traits of a Good Property Manager


A property manager needs to have a certain set of specific traits and other, harder-to-define skills in order to be successful.A property manager needs to be able to listen, as well as be proactive and up to date in the current world around them. Great characteristics such as level headedness, personable and articulate helps create… Read more »

Creating Community at your Residence


Property managers often refer to their properties as communities, and rightfully so. But have you ever thought about strengthening that community? One of the things that apartment dwellers typically comment on about living in an apartment is a sense of isolation. In order to build and strengthen your community, consider starting up a few of… Read more »

Increase Energy Efficiency with Window Shades


There are numerous things that property managers can do in order to conserve energy on a larger scale. It’s currently estimated that about 40 percent of outside heat comes through windows, while 10 percent of heat is lost through windows during the winter, so while it’s important to keep those shades or curtains closed, it… Read more »

Reinvent your space


In the home, where do you spend most of your time? Just a guess, but it’s probably your living room. So it’s important this room is designed just the way you want it because it sets the tone for the rest of the house. It says a lot of about your personal style and you… Read more »