A Home Reinvented


satintouch helps save a house of a newly single mother in need. Jennifer was living a fairly ordinary life. She had a husband, a daughter and a house. The family worked, played, and were active members of their community on the West side of the Twin Cities. While this sounds like a safe and uneventful… Read more »

Introducing satintouch Design


A service that not only increases your bottom line, but prepares you for a MADACS. Reinvent the Way You Rehab Rooms Every apartment complex needs rehab from the normal wear and tear of living. As you approach updates to your units, make sure to consider that a room’s rehab not only includes necessary functional updates,… Read more »

Rehabs by satintouch: A Stress Reliever


Attract new tenants without all the stress with a rehab by satintouc Every apartment complex ages. What was once new and hip, is now aging and tired. In the apartment management business, reinventing your rooms is a part of the long term business strategy. An apartment complex in Bloomington had apartments that weren’t in bad… Read more »

The Benefits of a Vendor Partnership


Save time, money, and resources. Reduced Overhead Cost The whole set up for an in-house team can cost a fortune. Add to that the factor of uncer- tainty involved and it can be a pretty strong reason not to build in-house. By working with a vendor partner, costs for equipment, solutions, and educational expenses are… Read more »