satintouch gives back: Kindercare scholarship


  At any age, intelligence can feel trapped by circumstance and access. Alexis, now 3-years-old, felt that pinch very early in life. Her mother, Paula, recognized the signs of her own childhood and wants her to get the best education she can receive. After receiving a scholarship to Kindercare, a preschool facility, little Alexis proved… Read more »

Color your room confidently with satintouch


  satintouch can reinvent your room in any color you desire, but before you make a final decision, make sure you avoid some common mistakes. Avoiding Bold Decisions Sometimes you love a color but are too afraid to put it on your wall. The best way to get over that fear is to start with… Read more »

How to choose an accent wall


  Usually, the best accent wall has no windows or doors, and is plain, short wall. Accents are a good way to add some flavor to the room without being overpowering. But, with every rule, there are always exceptions, and ways to bend them. Here are some accent wall ideas, and guidelines. Optical Illusion For… Read more »

Organization tips for property managers


  Property managers make sure that everything in the community runs smoothly. As the point of contact between the property owner and the residents, and works to make sure that both are happy. To do this means having some key management plans. Contingency plans Anything that can happen, will happen. Make sure that there are… Read more »