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First-time visitors to your Twin Cities church are bound to notice how well kept your building is. Having an old, fading paint job makes it less likely those visitors will return. If you would like to update your church by giving it a fresh, new look, turn to Satin Touch. We provide reliable church painting services in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and beyond.

Scheduling Church Painting in St. Paul

Your church is used for a lot more than just weekly worship. As such, we’ll ensure our painting services are scheduled around board meetings, bible studies, or any other activities you may have scheduled. If you are planning a major event such as a homecoming or revival, contact us ahead of time to ensure your church is looking its best beforehand.

We are always mindful of your time, and will start and finish our work on time. This is important, as we know your church is largely run by volunteers who have other work and family obligations to attend to.

Challenges when Painting a Church Sanctuary

Many of our church painting clients in Minneapolis first contact us because they would like to update the look of their worship center. This only makes sense, as this is where most church members spend the majority of their time.

If you are looking to liven up your worship center, it’s important to choose an experienced contractor such as Satin Touch. We’ll ensure the job is done right by:

  • Safely using scaffolding to reach the tops of your very high ceilings.
  • Helping you choose the right shade of paint to complement your carpeting, stained glass windows, and other murals.
  • Protecting your piano, organ, or other delicate musical instruments from paint droppings.
  • Preparing your walls to camouflage or eliminate minor imperfections.
  • Ensuring a smooth, even coat of paint with no runs or blemishes.

Your Church’s Nursery, Kitchen, and Beyond

Your sanctuary is not the only place where people spend their time. Having a fresh looking foyer, kitchen, nursery, and children’s play area is equally important. At Satin Touch, we understand the unique challenges that come with painting each and every area of your church.

For example, you may prepare large quantities of food in your church’s kitchen, and need walls that will repel grease and other stains. Smudge-proof walls are a must in any nursery or children’s area, while teen rooms cannot be dull or distracting.

Here at Satin Touch, we understand the concerns you have, and develop solutions for helping you solve them. Allow us to come up with a custom painting plan that suits the needs of your congregation perfectly.

Exterior Church Painting in Minneapolis, MN

There’s something about a church building itself that naturally attracts people’s interest as they drive by. Of course, if your church has peeling or faded paint, that sense of nostalgia may be lost on many. Maintaining your reputation as a pillar of your community does require you to have a bit of curb appeal. If your church’s exterior has seen its better days, it’s time to contact Satin Touch.

We take great pride in maintaining church buildings, and are always mindful of obstacles such as a belfry or church steeple when doing so. In the Twin Cities area, there are many older churches built in the mid-1800s as well as those constructed after the millennium. We provide exceptional painting services whether your church is a more traditional wooden structure or a contemporary metal building.

Affordable Church Painting Services in Minnesota

As a church treasurer or administrator, you must constantly be mindful of how you spend money. Your members expect you to be good stewards of their tithes and offerings, meaning you will need to find someone affordable. At Satin Touch, we understand this, and are committed to staying on budget during each and every project. 

Contact us for a Church Painting Estimate

If you’ve been putting off having your church painted, now is the time to contact Satin Touch. We are an experienced painting contractor in Minneapolis who would be honored if you trusted us with your project. We are dedicated to meeting your needs, and invite you to contact us to schedule your initial consultation.

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