Finishing Touches at the Construction Site

A quality drywall installation and a well-applied paint job are investments that will pay for themselves over the life of your property. A mismanaged installation can lead to popped walls and costly repairs in the future. You may think you can save money by doing these projects yourself, but you won’t save time, and in the long run you may end up losing more than if the job were done professionally.

A Professional Drywall Installation

Installing dry wall is a job that requires precise measurements and specialty tools. Drywall is a delicate material, but it needs to last if the property is going to last. Improperly installed drywall can crack or come loose from the stud, devaluing the property or incurring repair costs.

Misplacing the seams can lead to weakened walls and drywall tape coming loose. Lack of care with drywall mud can lead to contamination and prevent a smooth finish on seems. There will be hundreds of nails or screws to drive, and driving one of them too far can break the surface paper and lead to the wall popping. Hanging pieces in the wrong order can be a headache and slow an already time-consuming process to a crawl.

Anyone can hang their own drywall, but why not trust a professional to do the job? A drywall worker who knows the craft can come in and do a job efficiently and with minimal error, freeing you to focus on other concerns with the property and giving you peace of mind about the quality of the product.

Post-Construction Painting

Post-construction painting isn’t as easy as throwing up an accent wall. Every new wall and ceiling surface in the property needs primer and paint, and it needs to be sanded and cleaned before these things go on and between coats. With baseboards, door frames, window sills, and cabinets, there is a lot of room for error, and even a few misplaced dabs of paint can make a whole room look sloppy. That’s not to mention that the hazards of dealing with the fumes of paints and paint thinners and the hassle of proper disposal.

And don’t forget the post-construction cleanup. Both drywall installation and painting can leave behind a mess. Professional services like those provided by satintouch not only make your property look new, but they can leave it looking clean by providing cleaning in addition to installation and painting. There are lots of places for the dust and grime of construction to hide—trust the professionals to hunt them down.