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Your garage is more than a place to park your car! For a lot of Minnesota families, the garage is the place where things get done. It’s where you work on projects, pursue your hobbies, and store some of your most treasured belongings. Of course, you probably park your car there as well. When a space is working this hard, you need to treat it right. That’s why more homeowners are choosing to have their garage floor professionally treated with an epoxy finish.

Satin Touch offers garage floor coating services in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area! Our team of professional painters apply epoxy garage floor coatings expertly. We prep, apply, and finish your garage floor correctly so you end up with a durable surface that’s easy to maintain and looks terrific. Transform your garage into a professional looking workspace! Our process is fast and affordable so you can start using your garage again sooner.

Why You Need to Have Your Garage Floor Coated

  • It’s durable. Garage floor coating is much harder to scratch, chip, or otherwise damage. That means if you accidentally drop a tool, it can stand up to the impact and still look amazing.
  • It’s easy to clean. Garages can be messy places. Epoxy paint is easy to clean, though. That’s because it’s a non-porous material that won’t allow spills to soak in and stain. A quick swipe of a damp mop will have it looking like new again!
  • It’s self-leveling. Because the epoxy is thicker than paint, it can help level out the surface of the garage floor. It can fill in small cracks and divots in the cement. The end result is a smoother, more even surface. 
  • It’s moisture resistant. This is especially great for our snowy Minnesota climate! The epoxy coating creates a natural moisture barrier on your garage floor. This can help if you are experiencing moisture issues in your garage.
  • It’s safer. We can add a flaked texture to the floor to increase grip and slip-resistance. This makes it safer to walk on, especially during wet weather conditions. It also enhances the look of the final coating!

Plus, garage floor coatings look great! Epoxy garage floor coating comes in a huge variety of colors and finishes so you can get just the look that you want. We can even customize the look of your floor to meet your needs, ensuring you get a final appearance that you love.

The Benefits of Professional Garage Floor Painting

Garage floor coating isn’t a paint product. It’s an epoxy resin. It involves mixing two products together to create the coating. That is then applied to specially prepared cement and allowed time to cure. Garage floor coating can be a complicated process. Each step of the process has to be exactly right to achieve the best final results.

That’s why it’s in your best interest to have the professional team at Satin Touch do this important job for you. Our team has more than 30 years of experience. We know how to prepare your garage floor for the epoxy application and ensure it sets correctly. The end results look amazing and you don’t have to do any of the clean-up! We’ll take care of everything. You’ll just get to enjoy the finished results. 

We Offer Premium Products and Services for Your Garage Floor

We know that a great looking garage floor starts with a great product. That’s why Satin Touch uses only top-rated products on your garage floor. A good garage floor coating should last a decade or more with the right upkeep. So once done, you should have a low-maintenance surface that looks as great ten years from now as it did when it was new. Our team can offer suggestions on other products and services that can help transform the look of your garage, too. This will give you space you can’t wait to get to work in.

Trust Our Team of Professional Painters to Get the Job Done

When you want your garage floor finished, you need to call Satin Touch. Thanks to our experience in the industry, we know how to get the best results from garage coatings for our customers.

  • We start with careful preparation of your garage floor. That means making sure it’s clean and ready for the epoxy. 
  • We use the best garage floor coating products. We know the best products create the best surfaces. 
  • We carefully apply the coatings. These self-leveling products must be carefully applied following the right process. 
  • We make sure it cures correctly. The curing process is an important part of creating a durable epoxy surface. 
  • We clean everything up when we’re done. All that’s left is a gorgeous garage floor for you to enjoy. 

Our team is passionate about delivering the best results to our customers. We want to ensure you get the garage floor you want and are happy with the work that we do for you. That’s how we’ve built a reputation in the Minneapolis area for excellent residential painting services. It’s also why so much of our business comes from referrals! We want to be the painting team you can’t wait to recommend to your friends and family.

We offer commercial painting services, too! If your professional garage or manufacturing space needs epoxy floor coating or other commercial painting services, get in touch with our team for a free quote. 

Call Us Today for a Free Coat on Residential Painting Services

Ready to give your garage a new look? Get in touch with the Satin Touch team today. We’re available to start your project in the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas right away. We will visit your home to provide you with a free quote on our garage floor coating services. We do our in-person quote service at no-obligation to you. It provides you with an accurate estimate of the cost so there are no surprises when we’re finished. Give us a call today to set up your appointment time!

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