How to Find the Best Home Painting Company Near Me

When you need home painting, proximity is something that really matters. Simply searching for the best home painting company will pull up whoever has the best website SEO, no matter where they are in the country. That is why you are careful to search for a “home painting company near me”. That final modifier ensures that Google looks within your own neighborhood to find a home painting service that will suit your needs.
But how do you know which home painting service near you is the best? There are a few different ways to find out.

The Home Painting Headquarters is Near Your Home

Always start with distance. Take your time to decide whether a home painting service is really ‘near you’ or if they just have a local mailbox somewhere nearby. A residential home or a PO box are both signs of a painting service that is actually further away than you’d like.
The importance of nearby home painters is all about convenience for both you and the painting team. The further out they are, the longer it will take to drive to your home or pick up supplies they need along the way. Home painters near you can more easily schedule and provide your services without a long drive or other clients in-between.

Painters With a Long History of Positive Reviews

Next, take a look at the online reviews. In this day and age, reviews are everything. The quantity, quality, and duration of reviews is what will really tell you about the services offered. Reviews are short personal stories from real people who have experienced the painting services you’re about to hire. Their positive comments can guide you toward the right painting team that you would enjoy working with.
Look not just for 5-stars, but for a long history of reviews going back several years.  And a few non-5-stars are OK, too. Showing a greater degree of honesty in the review selection is a good sign.

Offering a Variety of Painting Services

Another important factor is the variety of painting services available. Most people, when they need a home painted, need more than just the easiest-to-reach walls repainted. Chances are, you want the baseboards and doorframes painted as well. You might want your cabinets painted or you might need an interior and exterior coat of paint to make your home look fresh and new again. Look for painters that offer interior, exterior, trim, and cabinetry painting among other things so that you can ensure a full and satisfying service.

A Gallery of Beautifully Painted Homes

The more photo examples of your painters’ work, the better. Look for astounding before-and-after shots and beautiful visual tours of homes that have been repainted. Galleries are a great way to tell if the level of quality would be satisfactory for you. Not all painters are experts, but the proof is in the photographs. If the light switch covers and outlet covers are clean and you don’t see any signs of dripping, there’s a good chance you are working with real painting professionals near you.

Happy Customers You Can Talk To

Finally, ask to talk to a customer or two who has worked with your painting team in the past. The real-life account of what it’s like to work with the painting team is a clear indication of how enjoyable you will find your upcoming project. Listen to find out if the team is responsive, good at problem-solving, if they have a natural eye for color, or if they’re impressively thorough. A testimonial interview is a great way to get a feel for painters you are about to hire.
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