New! Training Sessions with satintouch

Your staff can learn professional maintenance skills with our experts.
We know that repairs can be costly to a property owner. Often there isn’t enough money in the budget, and the highly detailed job falls upon a staff person without proper training.
Coming this new year, satintouch is proud to offer training sessions to improve maintenance skills for
apartment staff.
Our first-ever course, will put your staff in the same room with seasoned and trained professionals to learn the art of picture-perfect cover ups for walls and ceilings.
From water damage to bent and cracking walls, our experts have seen it all, and probably a situation worse than you can imagine.
And through the years of experience and training, our detailers have mastered making a disaster into diamond.
Now they are willing to share their secrets to train your staff, saving you time and money on repairs – especially in the critical end-of-month scenarios.
Stay tuned for more information in the satintouch quarterly, our website, or Facebook regarding registration for our first-ever training sessions.