Project Spotlight – Edmund Ave Project

We had the opportunity to meet Susie in February, 2021. Susie inherited the duplex that she, her mom and brother lived in for a period of time, while her mom dated the duplex owner – John. Even though things did not work out between her mom and John, Susie remained close to him as he became a father figure to her.

Prior to John’s passing, Susie made him a promise to fix the home up so that he may, at some point, be able to move back in. Unfortunately, that never happen, but Susie wanted to stay true to her word and in his memory set out to make this home livable again.

Susie had a large mountain to climb, when dealing with this project, and soon became overwhelmed with it all. Battling with the City of St. Paul and their move to have the home demolished and assess Susie with a $20,000 fine for doing so. Stress overcame Susie so she reached out to a close friend and asked her for help in locating a

company to take on the challenge of the project and the City. Her friend went online and set Susie up on HomeAdvisor (now Angi’s) to help her get into contact with qualified contractors to take on the challenge.

Susie initially met with a company that seemed to discount Susie’s desire to fix up the home so the contractor pushed her off. After meeting with them, Susie met with our Designer, John Zuber. In Susie’s words, John made her feel comfortable. He took the time to speak to her, take photos of the duplex/home and did extensive measurements in order to put a workable plan together. It was at that point, Susie reached out to her friend and said “I have a great feeling about the company I met with – I am going to go with them.”

John went to work and creatively laid out 2 amazing options for Susie, and after costing each option, John went over the design plans with Susie – keep it as a duplex or change it into a single family home. It was determined, due to how the home was zoned, it was best to turn it into a single family home.

When the project was being finalized, Susie ran into another snag – her financing fell through. Susie and Chad, the owner of HomesReinvented by SatinTouch, spoke over the phone and Chad made her an unbelievable offer – “Let us handle that and arrange the project financing.” Susie, feeling defeated, was taken back by the offer from Chad, the owner of HomesReinvented by SatinTouch, and knowing this was an answer from prayer, gladly accepted. The project was now officially underway.

Seeing the home was labeled CAT 3 Abandoned, HomesReinvented by SatinTouch had a few hoops to jump through with the City of St. Paul , but easily maneuvered through them as the City wanted to see the home preserved, just like Susie did. The project took a total of 8 months to complete. Once completed, Chad helped her get the home listed and sold, for $13,000 above the original asking price.

For the full client interview, search out our YouTube Channel at ‘HomesReinvented by SatinTouch – Edmund Ave Home Remodel’. You can also find the audio version on Spotify and Apple Podcast by searching ‘Edmund Ave. Project Home Remodel (complete home remodel).