Storm Damage When Your Home is Already on the Market

Selling a home on the real estate market involves a certain amount of investment. You get the place fixed up, repainted, maybe stage it to enhance the beauty and functionality of the rooms. You hire a landscaper to shape the yards. Then you keep the house in this pristine condition until the right buyer comes along and falls in love with the home you’ve prepared for them.

But what happens when a storm ravages your region after you’ve already done all your careful work preparing the house for market? What if it tears up your roof or adds water damage to your once-pristine house? Don’t worry. You can recover from this minor natural disaster quickly if you know what to do. You might even come out ahead.

Here’s how to handle quick storm damage restoration when your home is on the market:

Don’t Panic

The very first step is not to panic. Unless the storm went full Wizard of Oz, chances are that the damage is fixable without too much cost before your home is back to that pristine ready-to-sell condition. All you need to do is get the home repaired and clean up the yard, the problem isn’t as big as you may be feeling right now. In fact, you might not know this but very recent restoration work can actually raise your final sale value by as much as $2,800.

Call for Inspections and Repairs

The moment the storm is over, the next step is to call for a home inspection. You need your home to be in tip-top shape for buyers which means knowing about any damage caused by the storm and fixing it pronto. Listen carefully to your inspector and they’ll frame out just how much damage was really done and the repairs you’ll need. In most cases, a single storm worth of damage equates to a few replaced surface shingles and siding panels that took the brunt of the storm’s force.

Talk About the Upcoming Home Sale

While you’re arranging for your home repairs, remember to mention to your restoration team that the home is currently on the market for sale, or that you are almost ready to list it. Restoration professionals are very used to being called right before a home sale and might have a few ways to make your home look truly polished when they’re finished with these necessary repairs. Not only is recent maintenance good for your bottom line, it might even improve your curb appeal with a smooth and beautiful-looking new materials. Your restoration might offer to do a few little extras, like repairing or improving your gutters while they’re working.

Let Your Buyers Know the Home is Recently Maintained

Once your home is fully repaired and beautified by the restoration team, it’s time to get right back on the market. Be sure that you mention recent maintenance and quality assurance from your restoration team to new buyers to help increase the well-maintained value of your home. Buyers like a house that has clearly been kept in great condition with ongoing repairs. In highly competitive markets, it may be necessary to have regular maintenance to stay in the top tier of well-maintained homes.

If a storm hits while your home is on the market, don’t worry. This is something our Satin Touch restoration team is prepared to handle. A restoration touch-up is not just a quick service you can schedule, it can also potentially increase the final sale price of your home. All you need to do is get in touch with your restoration team for inspection and speedy repairs. Let them know your home is on the market and they may even have a few helpful extras they can offer to make your home even more attractive from the roof down. Contact us to begin your consultation on recent storm damage and the restoration steps you can take to get your house right back to beautiful and market-ready.