Best Golden Valley Interior & Exterior House Painters

golden valley paintingGolden Valley, MN, is a truly beautiful place to live. Just north of Minneapolis, the suburban community is renowned for great schools and beautiful neighborhoods. With a unique mix of modern and historic homes, Golden Valley offers a relaxed alternative to the busy inner-city lifestyle while still being close enough to Minneapolis to enjoy all the amenities and shopping hotspots only a few minutes drive away. Or if you’d rather stay local, there are plenty of smaller shops, parks, and places to grab a great cup of coffee nearby.
Residents in Golden Valley also tend to be homeowners, with beautiful homes worth being proud of. So when it comes time to repaint your Golden Valley home, it’s only natural that you’d look for the best home painters in the region. Due to the convenient location, you have your pick of Minneapolis-based services or services that specialize in the historic suburban areas north of Minneapolis serving neighborhoods from New Hope to Forest Lake. 

High-Quality Golden Valley House Painting

When selecting house painters for your Golden Valley home, quality is the most important deciding factor. You need a service that considers just how important home aesthetics are in this surprisingly competitive housing market. Whether you’re painting the home for your own enjoyment and regular maintenance or you’re preparing the home for sale or rent, precise and detail-oriented painters are those who will ensure every corner, line, and baseboard are perfect before the job is done.
You’re looking for a team that is not only experienced and skilled in home painting for interiors and exteriors, but also a team that understands the unique style and value of a Golden Valley home.

Color Palette Selection

Another essential part of painting your home is choosing the exact right balance of colors. Like every Minnesota suburb, Golden Valley has its own unique style that is an elegant mix of historic homes and new designs. Your neighborhoods tend toward subtle pastel shades and rich natural tones. Fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert in home color palettes when your painters understand the style and colors you’d prefer.
The right professional painters can help you decide on a color palette that will both perfectly accentuate your home’s natural beauty and blend wonderfully with the shared style of your neighborhood. Whether you’re looking for a splash of color or an elegant adherence to historical style, expert painters can help you make that vision into a home appearance worth being proud of.

Interior and Exterior House Painting

Homes are more often painted on the inside than the outside, but true professionals can do both for you. Paint is a natural part of regular home maintenance and the color of your home influences the feel of the entire property. Look for a home painting service that can offer expert services for both interior and exterior home painting. This way, you can arrange to have your entire home refinished in perfect new colors in one lightning-fast project. Your home will look brand-new again with a beautiful shine of exterior paint and pristine interior walls in a subtly attractive new color palette.

Home Painters Close Enough to Call

Don’t forget to prioritize home painters who will prioritize you. Golden Valley is close enough to Minneapolis to share in the metropolitan home services. But a painting company located in the suburbs north of Minneapolis will be better able to prioritize your services and reach your home without delay to consult and complete your painting project.

Satin Touch Painters for Your Golden Valley Home

The Satin Touch team has been serving the greater Minneapolis and St Paul area since 2011 and would be honored to provide our services to your Golden Valley home. Located just south of Ham Lake, we understand the unique style of each local suburban neighborhood and will treat your home with the respect and care it deserves. Contact us today for your free consultation where we can help you choose a color palette and refine your vision before bringing that vision to life with precision interior and exterior home painting. With Statin Touch, your Golden Valley home is in good hands.