The Mind Behind the Design

John Zuber has had an eye for design since he can remember.
“In middle school my drafting teacher told me I’d become a draftsman,” Zuber said. “At the time I didn’t know how right he was, but I knew I loved design.”
That love of design propelled him into a career of 25 plus years providing clients with reinvented and rejuvenated rooms. He’s worked in-house for such firms as SawHorse, Remodeling Dimensions, and as an independent consultant for many other Design and Build firms throughout the Twin Cities.
He’s pleased to lend his mind for design to satintouch to update apartment communities through designs or Change Outs.
“Every property from time to time is in need of an update,” Zuber said. “A Change Out not only helps attract new tenants and create a new feeling for the space, but it can increase your bottom line.”
A Change Out can be as simple as making selections for new paint colors to completely gutting and installing new items in a space — it all depends on your goals.
“The sky is the limit when it comes to design, but not everyone has the budget to realize every detail of their dream space.” Zuber said. “Through a cost-benefit analysis of every piece of your design job, we ensure that you achieve your vision, but don’t break your budget.”
Some items get used a lot, some spaces aren’t seen often, and some items almost never used. Through an analysis, we can identify where your dollars are best spent, and where you should save them.
“The design process can get overwhelming. Every inch of your space can be redesigned or updated, and the options are endless.” Zubewr said. “We streamline the process by showing you the best recommendations for your updates, which saves you time and money.”
Zuber looks forward to working with you on your next design project.

“I like working with clients,” Zuber said. “Designing interesting and uplifting spaces helps increase the quality of an owner and tenants day-to-day. It why I do what I do.”