Update your hotel with Design & Rehab

A clean and appealing hotel room is key to keeping guests under the roof each night. Like all living spaces, hotel rooms begin to show signs of wear and tear over time, and hotel managers need to be aware of the impact this has on the experience of their guests, their reviews, and ultimately their revenue flow. A professional cleaning and remodeling can go a long way to improve guest experience. satintouch is here to serve the hospitality industry by providing quality, professional rehab and cleaning services in Duluth and the Twin Cities.

Hotel Design & Rehab
According to a study by hotelnewsnow.com, hotels that experience declining ratings may experience a spike in positive ratings after a renovation. Not surprisingly, the spike in ratings was also correlated with a spike in revenue. This is hardly a surprise. Guests want to feel like they are in a clean and safe space, and a room that shows obvious signs of wear is likely to give the impression of being well-used.

While lobbies and common areas need to stay clean and fresh to bring customers in, the bedroom is the center of the hotel experience. A guest who isn’t comfortable in the space where they sleep is unlikely to visit the hotel again. A comfortable bed, some blackout curtains, and a quiet soundscape go a long way toward improving the stay for the average guest.

Interior Painting
Painted interiors can provide a tasteful and clean atmosphere for guests—provided the walls are clean and the paint intact. If walls are starting to show signs of wear, it may be time for a new coat—and perhaps time to consider a new color. Paint is also affordable and easier to change with changing styles and tastes than other interiors, like wallpaper. Although paint can chip, it can be easily touched up. 

At satintouch, we provide services to hotels that cover the whole course of remodel and design. Our professionals can lift the burden from hotel managers by providing remodeling and deep cleaning a hotel room, including repairing damaged dry wall and applying a new coat of paint. Our other services, like deep carpet cleaning, will leave the room feeling fresh and clean, and provide guests with a hotel experience that they can remember fondly. Our careful and reliable work make us one of the best choices for hotel rehab and design in Duluth, Minneapolis, and St. Paul.