Vacant Units are Costly, We Save you Time and Money

The minute a renter turns back the keys, the clock starts ticking. It needs to be filled and filled soon.
Otherwise, it will cost you.
A vacant unit could cost an owner anywhere from $1,500 to over $5,000 per month when you factor in make-ready costs, advertising, and incentives to get the unit leased.
And turnover rates hover around the 50 percent mark nationwide.
First, having control over move-out dates can be a crucial factor in cutting maintenance costs during the time between tenants.
The best way to cut costs, while maximizing efficiency is to bring in a third-party partner to handle all of the stress and the details of turnovers.
After signing a contract, our experienced professionals will be onsite taking care of painting, cleaning, carpet cleaning, and maintenance so you can focus on getting a new tenant in.