Why a Fresh Coat of Paint Increases Your Business Revenue

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Two of the best assets a company can have are happy workers and repeat customers. In an age where people seek the newest and trendiest, it can be a challenge to maintain your standing. We’ve all seen new businesses open, then rapidly close, and time-honored establishments suddenly close up shop.
So what can protect your company’s revenue and keep you in the running? It all starts with maintaining your image, which helps you stand out from the pack. One of the easiest, quickest, and most affordable ways to update your workplace is a gleaming fresh coat of paint.
From attracting visitors, to retaining customers, paint is an essential component. Here are a few ways fresh paint can increase your revenue and help your company thrive.

Patron Acquisition

Whether you pastor a church, manage a store, operate a restaurant, or lease to renters, your goal is to acquire patrons. Your building’s facade is the first impression you make, and it speaks volumes about who you are. A fresh coat of paint could be the difference between a person stepping inside or driving right on by. A bright exterior says you take pride in your profession, you care about details, and your business is well-managed and fruitful. Paint is one of the quickest and most affordable ways to update your space and generate new patron revenue.

Employee Performance

Multiple studies have proven how workplace environment affects employee productivity. One of the keys to maximizing performance is the mood that your workplace evokes. Bright colors elicit alertness and creativity, while dark dingy walls promote fatigue and apathy. A work space that is well-maintained suggests that the company is thriving and instills hope in employees for success and growth. Cheerful work environments create more productive employees, generating more rapid income. A quick coat of paint on your office walls can set the right tone to make the most of your staff.  

Overhead Prevention

Cracked paint is not only unsightly, it can lead to serious problems. From insect infestations, to moisture absorption, to mold, and environmental damage- paint is the first line of defense to protect your structure’s integrity. When your surface isn’t sealed, you open yourself up to costly repairs. Not only will you lose money repairing the damage, you’ll also lose revenue if your business is closed for repairs. Painting can be done very quickly, and does not disrupt your work environment. Rather than tearing down walls or tenting for termites, painters can work quietly and around your chosen schedule. Paint is an affordable investment that prevents costly overhead.

Turnover Reduction 

A primary reason people quit their jobs is unsatisfactory working conditions. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average person holds 10 jobs before age 40, and that number continues to grow. It costs an employer roughly 33% of the employee’s salary to fire and then replace them. Employee turnover is not only costly, it can stall your revenue while you search for a replacement. Patronage turnover is also detrimental, as it leads to unpredictable revenue. When a church loses members or a store loses customers, income destabilizes. This in turn leads to the need to reduce employees, creating a double impact. An appealing workplace is key to retaining employees, as well as patrons, and reducing frequent turnover. Sprucing up your interior and exterior is an effective way to engage employees and customers, and prevent them from seeking something new. Fresh paint says you are keeping up with the times and your company is going places.

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