What is Aging in Place?

The focus of Aging in Place is to help you ensure that you can live in the residence of your choice as you age, while getting any services or support you need over time as your needs change. However, it is more than just that. The goal of an anyone wanting to age in place should be to maintain and/or improve their quality of life. To do that, a good plan that focuses on your quality of life and covers yourself, your home, finances, care, and other items should be created as early as possible. Your plan should be maintained over time as your situation changes.

Aging brings changes to us all. As a person begins their aging in place experience, it is important for them to consider and plan for the changes that will happen to them and what impacts these changes will have on their lives. As we age, our bodies and capabilities change. Examples of changes you may experience are: reduced vision, decreased muscle strength or endurance, reduced mental processing capabilities, increased risk of falls due to balance, decreased mobility, etc.

These changes happen to almost everyone in one form or another. Knowing that this is the case and choosing to have a plan to age in place means you will have a greater chance to control your quality of life and independence. Recent medical service evolution now puts nurses available to come to your home, keeping you independent for years to come.

Planning also presents you with an opportunity to lessen the burden on your family by outlining how and where your needs are met. When you are ready to design your home for Aging in Place, let us know. HomesReinvented by SatinTouch will handle everything from the Design to Build Out, serving everyone in Mendota Heights, Woodbury, Stillwater, Coon Rapids and every suburb in the Greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Be sure to request an Aging in Place specialist to get your project rolling.

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