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Rediscover your home as the sanctuary it is. From space planning & architectural drawings to construction we will guide you through every step of the renovation process. Preliminary budgets provide transparency and give realistic expectations before we start. We refine and refine again until we ensure you can get the most bang for your buck within your budget. Our Design-Build Team has completed house remodeling on some of the finest, pre-war homes to the most contemporary homes throughout Minnesota, giving us the expertise, confidence, and practical knowledge to work with your unique desires and needs. Let us help you create indoor and outdoor spaces that bring you and your loved ones together in joy for years to come.

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Architectural & Structural Plans

One of the most crucial parts to a smooth remodeling experience is creating a realistic & accurate plan. From initial design concepts to structural calculations, the construction process can be complicated & lengthy if not navigated properly. That is why we combine our years of experience with your unique needs to create a customized approach focused on your peace of mind.

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Cost Engineering

There’s nothing more detrimental to the remodeling experience than going in with a poorly estimated budget. We have all heard one too many stories about projects spiraling out of control. That is why we pride ourselves on accurate cost engineering to ensure you don’t need to worry about budget nightmares & unforeseen expenses.

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Space Planning

A newly renovated space will never reach its full potential without proper layouts and space utilization. That is why we understand the importance of proper space planning. Our team will work with you to ensure that your space fits your needs in the most comfortable yet efficient way.

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Design Plans & Material Selection

For your remodel to resemble your vision, you need the right design plan and finish materials to bring it all together. While some people have an easy time visualizing specific selections, others need renderings and materials boards. After understanding your vision, we will assist you in any degree that you may require. From on-site to in-store we will assist in sourcing all required finish material selections through various suppliers, manufacturers and vendors.

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