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Apartments buildings offer convenient, modular living in the city. Being encased within the Twin Cities area allows tenants to go, see, and do at will in the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul area. Rentals should be aesthetically pleasing, to ensure that renters want to stay until the end of their lease.

Not only can having high-quality paint assist in increasing rental value, but having a top-tier painting team apply it can have similar effects. Some rental property owners struggle with paint chipping, bubbling, and peeling after just a few short years. Paint, when properly applied should provide several years of longevity

The trick to making paint last? Proper cleaning and application. Our multi-step process for painting in the twin city area includes:

Proper surface cleaning

Painters take care to clean every surface to ensure proper paint setting and adhesion. Cleaning baseboards, walls, cabinets, and any other surface in need ensures the job is done right the first time.

Effective Taping

Paint goes where you put it, regardless of where it is intended to go. Taping ensures that paint can only go where you intend. Some taping hacks we use for clients in the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul area include:

  • Taping under baseboards to protect carpet
  • Taping countertops and cabinet hinges
  • Taping electrical covers and panels
  • Taping window edges and sills.

Using the proper paint applicator for the job

Not only do the preparation factors determine the outcome of a paint job, how the paint is applied can affect how it cures and how well it sticks. Some paint is best applied via sprayer while others are best served with roll-on or brush-on application. We know the best way to use each and put our knowledge to work for you.

Six ways hiring a top-quality painting team to give your rental units a makeover can increase your bottom line are:

Proper painting can reduce or remove cigarette and other odors

The majority of rental properties do not have smoking restrictions, despite a desire by the majority of renters. If your tenants have smoked in the apartment, the smell can linger for years after they have moved out. Once the walls have been cleaned, the best way to get rid of the odor is a fresh coat of paint.

Several paint lines include baking soda or other additions, such as essential oils to cover or remove the smell of cigarettes from the property. Our certified pain professionals excel in smoke-scented apartments, ensuring your concerns can be properly remedied.

Aesthetic Quality can improve quality of life

The visual quality of a dwelling can substantially impact the residents’ quality of life. It’s been shown that spaces with appealing visuals can contribute to increased sociability and happier, healthier lifestyle choices. Painting is among the cheapest, easiest ways to improve the aesthetic quality of rental units.

Visual coherence improves rental value

When renters see a space that is disjointed by color differences and a broken-up environment, they are less likely to pay a higher cost of rent. Many tenants are picky about their environment because it can impact them substantially in both conscious choices and subconscious influence. Tenants want to be happy—showing them a space which is brought together with neutral colors and other connective environmental features inclines them to pay more for the space.

They aren’t just willing to pay more because it is luxurious, though millennials and gen-z buyers are drawn to higher-cost, luxury spending, they are willing to pay more because they can see themselves being happy.

Quality paint can last for decades

Quality paints can last a very long time. With the time value and coherence provided by quality paints, they are one of the highest-return options for improving a rental space. Good quality paints can also help prevent mold formation and keep environmental risks lower than cheaper counterparts.

It is important to note that some areas have legal requirements which require painting after a set period of time or after each tenant has vacated the premises.

Good Paint Increases Rental Value

Rental property owners want to get the most they can, fairly, for their rental units—if you could charge $9,000 per unit, per month, why charge $2,500? High-quality paint and paintwork unify spaces, lending potential tenants to perceive a much higher intrinsic value for each unit. Neutral colors can blend an otherwise disconnected property into a visually appealing masterpiece.

Examples of how paint can increase rent rates:

  • Presentation of key areas, such as kitchen and bathroom
  • ‘Warmer’ appearance of living spaces makes rentals more appealing
  • Clean ceiling appearances reinforce a notion of cleanliness
  • Easy to clean paints save tenants valuable time while helping prevent pest infestations

Renters also tend to prefer paint which makes clean-up easy, allowing them to spend more time on the things they really care about. If it impedes their ability to pursue their passions to keep it clean, tenants are less likely to keep it clean. If they do not keep it clean, it will likely require both professional cleaning and repainting after they have vacated.

High-Quality Semi-gloss or Satin Paint Eases Clean-up

Paints with satin or semi-gloss finishes make clean-up much easier—especially if renters have young children. Crayon marks, scuffs, and other stains or mishaps can be cleaned rather than requiring another coat of new paint. Kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and entryways are common high-traffic and high mess-risk areas which could benefit from semi-gloss and satin paint—regardless of renters’ family size.

These types of paint can also be infused with antimicrobial agents to perform better at blocking out odors and preventing mold and other environmental hazards from forming, to begin with.

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Painting is among the best ways to ensure happy renters and higher value rental units in the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul area. When you need to paint, choosing the best team to pick and apply your paint will shine through in your tenants’ eyes as they step through the door for their first visit and influence them long after they leave. Let our team help you succeed with your rental property overhauls, the community speak for themselves.

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