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Interior painting is just one of the many decisions that you will make about your home. With that said, the interior paint you choose will have a great impact on how well you enjoy it. Your paint choices are often a reflection of your personality and can certainly set the mood in your home.

Interior painting can be a fun and expressive experience, and being knowledgeable about paint options and what to expect will make the process that much easier. For this reason, we’re going to breakdown everything you need to know about interior paint and why you should hire a professional to get the job done.

Types of Interior Paint

There are various types of interior paint to meet your needs. However, we’ll breakdown the 6 most common types of interior paints and what they actually mean. 

  • Matte: Matte paint delivers a smooth finish that does a good job at hiding imperfections. This paint has a subtle look, possessing little to no sheen when dry because of the way it absorbs light. With that said, Matte paints tend to hold dirt and can be difficult to clean. This is why this paint wouldn’t be the best option for bathrooms, kitchens, or a child’s room.
  • Satin: Satin paint also delivers a smooth finish like Matte paint but the difference is that it actually holds a sheen when dry. This is because this paint reflects more light and is more durable when it comes to cleaning. The downside to satin is that it doesn’t do the best job when hiding imperfections. Satin paint is good for rooms such as a living room, kitchen, and a bathroom. 
  • Matte Enamel: Matte enamel is very similar to Matte paint. However, the big difference is that it’s far more durable and much easier to clean. For this reason, Matte Enamel is great for those that have children and is great in areas of the home such as the kitchen as this space may need constant cleaning. 
  • Eggshell: Using an eggshell paint will provide you with a subtle shine minus the smoothness that Satin provides. However, this paint doesn’t highlight imperfections as much, making it one of the most acceptable paint types for interior spaces. Additionally, eggshell can be achieved in just one coat.
  • Semi-gloss: Semi-gloss is mostly used for trims, but also makes for a good interior paint thanks to its hard finish, making it suitable for heavy use and is able to withstand a good cleaning with soap and water. Another great aspect of semi-gloss is that it can be achieved in just one coat, which makes it an ideal choice for many. 
  • Gloss: Gloss paint is highly durable, shiny, and light-reflecting. Due to its high-shine nature, most people do not prefer this kind of paint on their interior walls, but instead on cabinets, trims, and doors. 

Why Hire Satin Touch for your Next Interior Paint Project

It may be tempting to put some money back into your budget and paint your home yourself. However, this will more than likely cost you in the long-run. Many DIY interior painters make mistakes such as not using painters tape, using the wrong paintbrush, and using the wrong paint for their interior spaces, which leads to a big mess.

At Satin Touch, we are professional interior painters dedicated to creating a stress-free environment for homeowners by producing a quality paint job at the right value, all while beautifying your home. Here are 5 benefits of hiring a professional interior painter for your home. 

Quality Work All Around

A professional painter is skilled in producing perfect work for you and your family to enjoy. A professional will do things such as prep your walls and know what paint is necessary for each room. Additionally, professionals are skilled in not only using the correct tape but knowing exactly where to tape to ensure there are not paint splatters in unwanted areas. This allows for a paint job that you can feel satisfied with and a quality that’s worth the price.

Right Equipment for the Job

One of the main reasons why painting your home yourself isn’t the best idea is because more often than not, you won’t have the right equipment necessary to produce a quality job. There are various painting tools used to achieve certain results and a professional will be using these sorts of tools to help ensure they see your vision through. A professional will have the best rollers, brushes, and high-quality paint cloths to protect your home. 


Let’s face it. As a homeowner, you may not have the time you think to dedicate yourself to painting your home. With the prep work that it takes to paint any given space, painting your home may end up taking more time than you alotted for. Hiring a professional would not only free up your time, but a professional will get the job done in completion within the agreed upon timeframe.


Hiring a professional will really take a load off of you in the long-haul. For instance, let’s say you decide to paint your home yourself to cut back on costs. If you mess something up, you have to figure out a way to fix it, which most likely means more money on your end. Depending on the size of the mistake, this can become costly and not worth the headache. However, a professional painter will be insured, which means that if something is messed up along the way, they will be able to fix it at no cost to you. This means you can relax through the whole painting process knowing that you are covered should anything arise. 

Better Product

Overall, you can expect a better quality product in the end. Professional painters have the right knowledge, the right tools, and are extremely efficient when it comes to painting. They know all the ends and outs, which makes for the best product possible. Even though the idea of a professional painter may sound intimidating, the fact that remains is that you can confidently leave your home in the hands of a professional to get the job done.

Your home is where you spend a good chunk of your time. For this reason, you want to ensure that the interior space of your home reflects your vision. There are plenty of interior paint options available to help meet your needs, and hiring a professional to get the job done will bring you your desired results. 

At Satin Touch, we are serving the Twin Cities to deliver exceptional quality painting for residential homes and commercial properties at competitive prices. If you have any questions about interior paint for your home or want to know more about the services we offer, contact us today. 

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