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Yes, color does affect student learning. When using the correct colors for the classroom, students’ knowledge and memory can increase. All of us have experienced the effect that colors can have on our moods, our attention, and our creativity. In the classroom, varying colors and color combinations can affect memory, behaviors, feelings, and focus. So, let’s get a little more creative, and scientific, as well. It’s important to remember that many people have color preferences to specific colors because of their cultural backgrounds or geographical locations, as well.

Neuroscientists at Harvard Medical School used magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to access the color-processing region (color center) of monkeys’ brains. They found that humans process color in the same ways as monkeys. The researchers determined that:

  • Volunteers did five to 10 percent better on standardized pattern recognition tests when the patterns were colored.
  • Color also boosted memory over time.
  • Blue seems to stimulate creativity and calmness.
  • Too much blue may increase levels of depression
  • Red stimulates feelings of energy or threat, but, in some cases, improves focus when observing repetitive or detail-oriented tasks.
  • Yellow seems to intensify happiness.
  • Too much yellow activates stress.
  • Green can be relaxing and can contribute to physical health.
  • Pink is calming and can lower heart rates.
  • Purple is attention-grabbing.
  • Orange stimulates memory, thinking, and also seems to increase the appetite.

Additionally, the hue, saturation (chroma), and brightness or value affect the reaction to colors, as well.  Hue, value, and chroma work together to influence our emotions and feelings. 

Unique Attributes Necessary for Educational Facilities Painting

  1. You might say that every area in a school is a high-trafficked space. Hallways, lockers, cafeterias, and classrooms take plenty of abuse. The Satin Touch team gets that and uses the correct paint, the most robust coverings, and the most long-lasting sealers available.
  2. Our painters use paint in occupied areas, too, because our products have zero or low-OVC and low-odor.
  3. Our company can use products in exterior areas that ensure longlasting coverage and protection.
  4. The interior painting executed by our team offers superior coverage and will withstand the ongoing, rigorous cleaning that takes place in school settings.
  5. Our painters have experience in painting a variety of surfaces.
  6. All our employees are proficient in industrial painting machinery and can differentiate between subtleties in colors.
  7. Our painters scan for areas, items, or edges that need to be protected before painting begins.
  8. We cover or move any items in the room that need protection.
  9. When we leave, your space will be reset to its original configuration or will assist you in reinventing the room.
  10. All tools, tape, coverings, and moved furniture will be gathered or moved, as necessary.

Contact Us Today For An Estimate On Your School Painting Project

We must admit that contracting for a school painting project is a little more special to us than our other jobs because we realize that refreshing the building where so many young people are receiving an education is uplifting for teachers and children alike. Knowing that we are improving the environment for future inventors, artists, writers, sports stars, astronomers, and more, is hugely satisfying. 

Call us or connect with us today to get started on your renovation, refreshment, refurbishing project. Join the list of Minnesotans who have changed their businesses, homes, apartments, schools, and more with the help of Satin Touch.

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