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Adding wallpaper to your home — or replacing existing wallpaper with fresh and invigorating designs — is a great way to add value and allure to your interior walls. Wallpaper is certainly classic in style; the first machine to print out large sections of wallpaper was invented in the late 1700s and gained popularity among the elite and well-to-do from there. However, the Chinese were adorning their walls with decorative rice paper as early as 200 B.C.

Wallpaper is an excellent way to add class and charm to nearly any room in your home. Due to the varieties of wallpaper available in a plethora of styles and paper backing, you can easily put this type of wall decor on nearly any wall in your home: the bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedrooms, or even your home office are ideal places for wallpaper.

Here are ways you can utilize wallpaper in your home. Trust our team of experts to install your wallpaper in any room; we serve the entire Twin Cities area, including St. Paul. Located in Minneapolis, Satin Touch is here to serve you.

Use Wallpaper as an Accent Wall

Wallpaper can be used instead of classic paint to create a beautiful accent wall in a large room. Common rooms that have long, bare walls include the dining room, living room, study room, or even a basement family room.

Wallpaper as an accent wall piece is exciting because you can use a heavily patterned or colorful print or texture without the wallpaper itself being too loud or demanding. Provided the surrounding walls are painted a neutral or non-imposing color that can contrast with the wallpaper design of your choosing, the results will be stunning, appealing, and help bring dimension to an otherwise too imposing or large and empty space.

Speak to our team of experts to see what wallpaper design, print, or pattern will work best for the individual rooms of your home. You can stick to one main style and color of wallpaper for every room, or change it up with different patterns for a unique appeal in various parts of your house.

Use Wallpaper as a Mural

Wallpaper does come in a mural design, allowing you to add artistic glam to any otherwise plain room or to continue a theme in areas like the kitchen or dining room. A mural can be a landscape, nature design, or a large replica of a favorite painting, expanding to fill an entire wall. You can even have wallpaper custom-cut to fit small spaces or around windows so a mural can flow nearly seamlessly in any living space.

Use Wallpaper as a Dimension or Texture

Did you know you can add wallpaper to your walls for no other purpose than to add texture or dimension to the room? Some wallpaper textures are even designed to be painted over, allowing you to have a floral, etched lace, or even popcorn effect that you can’t get with classic stenciling for crisp, clean lines.

Or, you can use wallpaper for the textured appeal in satin, velvet, or even rice paper effects. Some wallpaper even has a bamboo or reed texture to make your living space more unique. You can even do metallic wallpaper for a visual and textured effect at once; copper, gold, and silver are contemporary metallic wallpaper styles to consider.

Contact Satin Touch For Your Wallpaper Installation Needs

Talk to our team of specialists at Satin Touch about the many ways wallpaper can improve your life. We offer many solutions for giving your home a grand, new appeal. Visit us or contact us online today. We are happy to show you our vast inventory and share our portfolio with you to help you achieve the home design you want.

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