Cozy, and Aesthetically Pleasing: The Ultimate Guide to Winterizing Your Minnesota Home

Winter is coming… It’s just a fact in Minnesota that as soon as October hits you need to be on the look out for winter weather, and ready to protect your home from it. Being proactive about home winterization can be crucial to protecting your home from the freezing temperatures, heavy snow, and even the melting snow come spring time. 

Right now, most of us are thinking about tucking away our summer clothes in favor of longer sleeves and boots to stay cozy and cooler days come our way. We’re putting away summer toys, winterizing boats, campers, and motorcycles, but are you taking the same considerations for your home?

So what are some things that you can do in the next month or so to protect your home from old man winter?

Upgrade Your Windows

One big thing we are all thinking about right now is saving money, and with winter, come the heating bills. Old, single pane windows can be a huge source of loss of heat and therefore dollars when winter hits. As soon as you turn on your furnace, if your windows are working against your efforts, it may seem like you might as well not have them at all. 

Seal Your Doors Up Tight

Another huge energy and money suck are your doors. (Noticing a trend here? Anywhere your home is not completely sealed is an avenue for cold air or even water to enter your home in unwanted and damaging ways!)  Installing weatherstripping and sealing any gaps around doors. If you can see light around your exterior doors, the frigid Minnesota air can make it way in. 

Need help installing new, more efficient doors or windows? Contact us today and we will get you a free estimate!

Insulation Installation 

Even if your doors and windows are doing the best they can, if you’re missing insulation anywhere in your home all of your earlier efforts may be wasted. Spaces like garages and basements can often be very drafty, and are likely effecting the efficiency of the rest of your home. 

On top of things like insulation and efficiency there are also design and space planning considerations to keep in mind. 

Winter Comfort Inside Your Home

Are your feet always freezing in the winter? Is there a room you just can’t keep warm? Interior design considerations like installing a beautiful electric fireplace or heated floors can make a huge difference in your wintertime comfort, and your heating bill. 

Arctic Entryways

What are those? You may be asking. An artic entryway is simply a mudroom or vestibule that allows you to open your front (or back) door without exposing your entire home to the outside temperature. On top of that energy saving feature they also allow you to have a separate space to hang all of the extra coats, snow pants, hats, gloves, boots, and other winter gear in a convenient, organized space. 

Going away for any part of the winter?  Take these extra steps before you head to your destination.

  • Prevent your home from appearing unoccupied
    • Forward your mail, pause newspaper delivery, and ask a trusted friend or neighbor to pick up any packages left at your door
    • Arrange for snow removal while you’re gone
    • Install motion sensor lights and set up routines for your interior lights to discourage negative attention on your home
  • Keep your home – and your plumbing – warm
    • Ensure your furnace is ready to go before you go, a loss of heat could be catastrophic for your home
    • Consider installing a water flow sensor and low temperature sensor on your main water line that is hooked to an alarm system or to an app on your smart home

Even if you take all of these steps, you may still run into a winter home emergency. 

We’re here to help bring your home back to its original glory

We work with insurance claims regarding water damage or other winter mishaps all of the time. After you’ve contacted your insurance company and the adjuster has considered your claim, give us a call. We’re on your side, and will work with you to ensure your home actually gets returned to its previous state. We will come out and provide a big for the project and work with you to get the most out of your unfortunate situation. 

Whatever the situation, Satin Touch is here to help, and we’re happy to do what you need to make you love your home again. 

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