Steps For Proper Carpet Care

Carpet cleaning is just like exercise! If you get into a routine and keep it up, you will see great results and feel better for it. Vacuum high traffic areas daily, and everywhere. Clean spots and spills quickly with products that do not damage the carpet or cause it to resoil quicker. Professionally deep clean… Read more »

New! Training Sessions with satintouch

Your staff can learn professional maintenance skills with our experts. We know that repairs can be costly to a property owner. Often there isn’t enough money in the budget, and the highly detailed job falls upon a staff person without proper training. Coming this new year, satintouch is proud to offer training sessions to improve… Read more »

Winter is coming!

Stay warm by keeping apartment units filled. “Winter is coming.” It’s not just a catch phrase from Game of Thrones, it’s reality in Minnesota. For property managers in Minnesota, that saying feels like it refers to the apartment industry, not just the state we call home. Once we enter Fall, the clock starts ticking not… Read more »

Tips on Fall Budgeting

Stretch your dollars and accomplish more this budget season. It’s that time of year when you start looking at every aspect of the budget, line by line, and start making plans to replace or reinvent aging items in your apartment complex. We all want to make our apartment complex and community the best in town,… Read more »