A Home Reinvented

satintouch helps save a house of a newly single mother in need.
Jennifer was living a fairly ordinary life. She had a husband, a daughter and a house.
The family worked, played, and were active members of their community on the West side of the Twin Cities. While this sounds like a safe and uneventful life, there was a dark secret her husband kept that would affect the life of Jennifer’s family completely.
“On the outside, he played the part of a great husband and father. He brought in money through his storm damage business and apartment he managed.” Jennifer said. “He played with his daughter daily after school, coached her soccer team, and was active in local politics.”
She trusted him implicitly. Was there any reason not to?
After 17 years of marriage, she found out that not only was he not paying taxes, but he made forged checks to deceive her into thinking that he had paid them.
Once it was apparent that he would not escape his debts, he fled to Arizona saying he had business. It was the last time the family would see him again.
“I depended on him 100 percent to take care of our family.” Jennifer said. “I kept asking myself, ‘what do I do now?’ But, I had no answers.”
Thankfully, the IRS did not find her liable for all the taxes owed by her husband, but she was still liable for what is considered her share of them.
She worked slowly to build her now single parent family back up by taking on a second job, and a new tenant in her home, but shortly thereafter was hit by another large setback.
“I was sure that I was going to lose my home.” Jennifer said. “My insurance company demanded that I repaint my entire home or they’d deny my coverage. I just couldn’t afford it.”
Losing homeowners insurance means Jennifer would have lost her ability to own a home. So she tried to find loans, and attempted to contract just the extremely difficult jobs to professionals to save money.
That’s when she met Chad and satintouch. When he heard about her situation, he had a simple solution.
satintouch reinvented details beyond a simple coat of paint. “He said he’d do it for the price of paint.” Jennifer said. “I was floored. That doesn’t happen everyday.”
satintouch painted the entire house, down to every detail, including the concrete basement to their mailbox and house numbers. They brightened the house, giving it a fresher look that would impress any insurance company.
And, it did. After seeing photos of the house, her insurance agency did not deny her homeowners insurance saving her house and family.
When Jennifer tried to pay satintouch for the paint, owner Chad refused saying, “Don’t thank me. Thank God.”
“I don’t know why I became so fortunate.” Jennifer said. “It’s been a very humbling experience. There really are still good people out there.”

Introducing satintouch Design

A service that not only increases your bottom line, but prepares you for a MADACS.
Reinvent the Way You Rehab Rooms
Every apartment complex needs rehab from the normal wear and tear of living. As you approach updates to your units, make sure to consider that a room’s rehab not only includes necessary functional updates, but aesthetic details that turn heads.
satintouch Design is your rehab solution. We see a room beyond the turnover and rehab. From timeless improvements – like subway tiles – to targeted improvements – including thematic retro styling – satintouch Design – we see a room reinvented.
Getting Down to the Details
From whether or not a bathroom mirror is framed to installing a backsplash in the kitchen, it’s all about the tiny details with satintouch Design.
Done By Deadline
When we enter a space, we take inventory of the details that are often missed or cut from a budget line to save money in the short term. With these elements designed and implemented in your apartment spaces, this redesign not only makes the space more functional, but also more appealing.
These details can mean the difference between being an average complex, to being viewed as upscale.
Reinvent Your Bottom Line
To attract a customer base with more money, it starts with a reinvented room with satintouch Design. With our insight and implementation, your apartment building can easily charge 100-200 additional dollars per unit. And, having an apartment over market rate isn’t unheard of for a reinvented room.
We understand the importance of getting through a project quickly while ensuring quality. Having a unit off-the-market digs into your bottom line, and we work diligently to reinvent your rooms on deadline.
Start Turning Heads Today
Once your complex has been completely reinvented by satintouch Design, people will take notice. So we recommend getting your pen and paper after you contract satintouch. That way, you’ll have plenty of time to ensure that your MADACS acceptance speech is ready.

Rehabs by satintouch: A Stress Reliever

Attract new tenants without all the stress with a rehab by satintouc
Every apartment complex ages.
What was once new and hip, is now aging and tired. In the apartment management business, reinventing your rooms is a part of the long term business strategy.
An apartment complex in Bloomington had apartments that weren’t in bad shape, but needed a facelift to give their aging apartments from the late 80s a new appeal.
They planned to rehab all their apartments in phases, tackling rehab work like new cabinets, countertops, color conversions, and some floor plan modifications.
“We tried to complete some of them ourselves, but soon found ourselves in a tight spot,” the Bloomington apartment manager Ted said. “We had a lot of units, and tight deadlines and a lot of detailed work.”
satintouch had worked with Ted at previous apartment complexes doing apartment turnovers.
“I’ve seen great work from them throughout my career,” Ted said. “When it came time to look for rehab vendor that does quality work, responsive, and meets deadlines, it was a no-brainer for me to call satintouch.”
With over 60 apartments and counting reinvented through rehab by satintouch, Ted continues to work with satintouch because, “working with satintouch lowers my stress, not just at the end of the month, but daily.”

The Benefits of a Vendor Partnership

shaking-hands-1240911Save time, money, and resources.
Reduced Overhead Cost
The whole set up for an in-house team can cost a fortune. Add to that the factor of uncer- tainty involved and it can be a pretty strong reason not to build in-house. By working with a vendor partner, costs for equipment, solutions, and educational expenses are no longer a concern.
Reduced Cost of Labor
Regarding operational costs, reduced cost of labor is the most apparent advantage of a vendor partnership, simply because employees are expensive.
“As Needed Basis”
It’s not often discussed regarding the benefits of a vendor partnership, but having a team of professionals hired on an “as needed basis” gives the freedom from committing long term associated costs like medical insurance, gratuity, and annual bonuses.
Easy Taxes
With a vendor partner, all tax burdens are placed upon the vendor giving your business a simple expense line that makes a great deductible.
Avoid Health Care Headaches
Beyond the cost of health care, navigating new healthcare laws and plans can be daunting. With a vendor partner, there is no health care obligation.
Better Productivity
On the surface, it may sound counter-intuitive, but better productivity will come from a vendor than an in-house employee. A vendor partner continually works to keep your busi- ness on current and new projects. They only keep them by performing their best.
We’re Never Sick, and Always Available
With a vendor partner, you never get a call that says, “I can’t make it in today.” We guar- antee that the job will be done when you need it to be done.
Free to Focus on What Really Matters
With a vendor partner, you know that the job of cleaning and maintenance are taken care of by professional staff. You’re free to build the community and focus on what really matters: your tenants.
A Vendor Partnership Saves Time, Money and Resources
For all these reasons, having a vendor partnership is the best way to save your sanity, your bottom line, and receive the best results.