Get your Apartment Community Ready for Halloween

Soon enough, your halls will be filled with a host of ghosts, goblins, witches and vampires.
The sight isn’t scary. Not being prepared for them is.
But is your community ready for that onslaught of small children? If you’ve ever gone trick or treating, you know that the little goblins and vampires run from apartment to apartment in search of the best candy. What they’re not looking for are hazards that can and will literally trip and send them on a trip to the emergency room.
Make sure that kids and their parents or guardians are safe while trick or treating on your property.
Outdoor Lighting
Replace any burned out or broken lighting with new bulbs prior to Halloween.
Crowd control
Even if you end up not having an influx of kids that would require true crowd control, having some volunteers with flashlights assisting with direction and traffic control if they do will save you a headache.
Clear walking paths
When in groups, kids have a tendency to run, push, shove, and jump. Keeping the ground clear of possible hazards will help them stay safe, even if they do insist on running. This includes spaces inside and out, like stairs, sidewalks, and parking lots.
Hazard Tape
Place hazard tape or signs around any areas where a potential danger is found.
Don’t Stress
It’s impossible to guarantee that no one will get hurt trick or treating at your properties, but you hedge your bets by having a safety plan.

Confidently Choose Paint Colors

Begin with a Reference Point
Think of the colors you are naturally drawn to by looking at things like photographs you like, a piece of artwork, the colors in your wardrobe, and what colors you already have in your home. And, look for inspiration everywhere.
Choosing Colors
If you want to have multiple colors in a room, keep it to no more than three colors. And, if two are bold, make sure the third is neutral to give your eye a break.
Choose your boldest color first, then and then choose the others with the first color in mind.
Be bold in your decision. Paint isn’t permanent!
Color Ideas
If you choose a grey, don’t limit yourself — there’s many grey variations that aren’t found directly in a grey palate. In fact, the best grey for you might be in the purple cards.
You can keep your walls neutral and also have a darker color. And remember, neutrals also include black, brown, olive and blue.
If choosing a bold color with a vintage feel, adding grey instead of beige will help make it look more modern.
Pairing warm colors with purple brings out purple’s natural warmth. For a modern look add a grey color to the mix.
If using red, think about the base color. Blue red is industrial, and orange reds are warmer.
Go with your instinct
Color is a very personal choice, so don’t be afraid to go with your instincts. You’ll be happy with the result.

Vacant Units are Costly, We Save you Time and Money

The minute a renter turns back the keys, the clock starts ticking. It needs to be filled and filled soon.
Otherwise, it will cost you.
A vacant unit could cost an owner anywhere from $1,500 to over $5,000 per month when you factor in make-ready costs, advertising, and incentives to get the unit leased.
And turnover rates hover around the 50 percent mark nationwide.
First, having control over move-out dates can be a crucial factor in cutting maintenance costs during the time between tenants.
The best way to cut costs, while maximizing efficiency is to bring in a third-party partner to handle all of the stress and the details of turnovers.
After signing a contract, our experienced professionals will be onsite taking care of painting, cleaning, carpet cleaning, and maintenance so you can focus on getting a new tenant in.

Turnovers are quicker with a contractor

Turnovers are something all landlords dread.
Filling cracks, painting walls, sanitizing, and advertising — all of these tasks add up to valuable time and money.
The bottom line: every day without a tenant paying rent is a day without money coming in.
Having a strategy already in place will minimize the lost money from a vacancy while ensuring each unit is in tiptop shape for the new tenant. These are both in every landlord’s best interest.
Part of your strategy should include a good vendor who specializes in turnovers, like satintouch.
Specialists provide the experience and insight needed to complete a turnover fast, lessening the hit from an empty unit.
A standard turn involves cleaning the carpets, painting the walls, sanitizing and cleaning the suite, and completing minor repairs.
For smaller properties, vacancy will have a greater impact. Large properties can absorb costs, so it is in the best interest of small properties to invest in a turnover company to get a unit back on the market and filled.