How to choose an accent wall

diy-painting-blue-1416732Usually, the best accent wall has no windows or doors, and is plain, short wall. Accents are a good way to add some flavor to the room without being overpowering. But, with every rule, there are always exceptions, and ways to bend them.
Here are some accent wall ideas, and guidelines.
Optical Illusion
For a long or narrow room, painting one of the short walls, usually the one farthest from the door, will make it appear to come forward.
Painting a long wall in a narrow room with a darker color will make it seem even narrower.
Draw Attention
To draw attention to a feature in your room, an accent wall is a good way to accomplish this. The feature can be a permanent part of the room or a movable element.
If there isn’t a focal point, painting an accent creates one naturally.
Create separate spaces
In large rooms that can have more than one function, accent walls can create the feeling of a new space within one room.

Organization tips for property managers

spiral-bound-notebook-1-1240231Property managers make sure that everything in the community runs smoothly. As the point of contact between the property owner and the residents, and works to make sure that both are happy. To do this means having some key management plans.
Contingency plans
Anything that can happen, will happen. Make sure that there are complete plans for occurrences that require rapid response like floods, recovery processes after a fire, etc. Having a ready-made plan ensures that even in a crisis, everything runs smoothly. And make sure that access is easy and understood by every employee who needs to know it.
Keep a list of a proficient companies that you can call as soon as they’re needed, rather than fumbling through directories. satintouch is always a good choice for apartment turnovers, painting, carpet cleaning, maintenance and repair and trash outs.
Digital solutions
Use Property management software to reduce the need for paperwork, and to submit information electronically.
Make sure that there is a way for residents to provide negative feedback, and for you to respond. The same applies to a communication channel with the owner – create a protocol for how to communicate about the property, and handling certain situations.

Avoid common eviction mistakes

stability-3-1240104It’s never fun, but in the property business, evictions will happen occasionally. And, even if you haven’t had one yet, the old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure” truly applies to understanding eviction mistakes. When one does happen, preparing for it will make it go a lot smoother.
Note: We aren’t lawyers, and highly recommend that you speak to one about evictions, but here are some common mistakes to review as a starting point:

Waiting for the problem to fix itself
Some landlords allow tenant delinquencies to linger, hoping the tenant will eventually pay past due rent. However, delaying sending default notices and commencing evictions action often end up being long “rent-free” periods, versus if a landlord immediately responds.
Failing to read the default provision in the lease
It is in your best interest as a landlord to know the default provision of the lease, especially when, where, and why a default notice may be sent. Compliance with default provisions is something that many Housing Court judges and referees require.
Negotiating without eviction proceedings
Proceedings provide a deadline for when a settlement must be completed, and eviction action can give leverage to the landlord for items like lease modifications.
Failing to evict all occupants
Always know everyone who occupies the leased property before eviction proceedings. And, know that a tenant on the lease may not be the same as an occupant. Naming all occupants helps ensure the landlord will not have to take on subsequent eviction proceedings if some occupant other than the named tenant asserts rights to the property.
If it ever comes to the point of eviction at your property, satintouch is here to help with our trash out service to remove all items from the property, and take on the liability for those items. Before that point, however, here’s a list of common mistakes landlords have made in the past.

satintouch gives back

family-1421546Helping our community anyway we can.
As a part of our new Give Back program, satintouch adopted a family in need. In December 2014, we were proud to present Gena Hasson a check for $4,000.
“I am happy that satintouch is able to help out a family who has seen some hard times, but continues to be an example of a hard worker who puts family first,”satintouch Founder Chad Lange said. “She’s truly an inspiration to all single mothers out there. She reminds me of my mom.”
For 21 years, Gena has been a single mother who has had the sole responsibility of feeding, clothing, and educating her children. Their father continues to remain uninvolved.
While that task alone is more than enough for one person, six years ago her family experienced a medical tragedy. Her daughter, Hope, was in a car accident with her grandmother at the age of five, and became paralyzed.
Today, she’s about to celebrate the birthday of her granddaughter Hudson, the daughter of her oldest daughter Ashlin, both of whom live with and depend on Gena.
“I’ve basically been a single mom for all of my adult life,” Gena said. “I love them all, and I want to able to provide for them.”
Being the sole breadwinner in a still recovering economy hasn’t kept her down. With a smile on her face and with a desk filled with photos of her children and grandchild, she works hard at her job to make sure that the needs of Ashlin, Hope and Hudson are met.
And sometimes that means she tightens her own belt to make sure they have what they need.
“I haven’t had new shoes for years, and the shoes I wear to work have holes in them,” Gena said. “Sometimes I feel a little embarrassed, but then I remember that I feel no shame putting my family first.”
satintouch hopes that our contribution will help Gena continue to put her family first, and bring some smiles to her children’s faces.
“We are so grateful for the gift satintouch gave us,” Gena said. “I plan to pay off a lot of bills.”