satintouch Design & Rehab

Turn your apartment complex into a high end, in-demand property.
At satintouch, we reinvent rooms in many different ways: from painting to cleaning to repair and maintenance.
But, there’s one satintouch service that truly reinvents your room, by definition: Design & Rehab.
Through our Design & Rehab service, we provide our customers with a turn-key experience. Sign one contract, and we take care of everything else – from design to installation and all the way down to post construction cleaning.
What is Design & Rehab?
Much like interior design, our design services help you create the overall look and feel of an apartment. From the choice of paint colors to the type of handles on a drawer, we orchestrate how the visual impact of a space affects a prospective tenant.
Through rehab services, we can help bring back a space or item in within the space back to life either as a standalone or as part of an overall plan to design a space.

  • satintouch sits down with you to review your goals and budget.
  • Provide sketches and drawings to review.
  • Review color schemes, light fixture options, and other hardware.
  • Once approved, we begin implementing the design
  • Throughout the process, you will receive updates on progress.
  • Post construction clean up.
  • Client review of finished product.

Once you see a room reinvented by our Design & Rehab work, you’ll want every room to receive the satintouch treatment.
And, if during the final review, you aren’t completely satisfied, we will work to ensure that our Design & Rehab work meets or exceeds your expectations. satintouch has built our reputation on a dedication to the highest levels of customer service.

The Mind Behind the Design

John Zuber has had an eye for design since he can remember.
“In middle school my drafting teacher told me I’d become a draftsman,” Zuber said. “At the time I didn’t know how right he was, but I knew I loved design.”
That love of design propelled him into a career of 25 plus years providing clients with reinvented and rejuvenated rooms. He’s worked in-house for such firms as SawHorse, Remodeling Dimensions, and as an independent consultant for many other Design and Build firms throughout the Twin Cities.
He’s pleased to lend his mind for design to satintouch to update apartment communities through designs or Change Outs.
“Every property from time to time is in need of an update,” Zuber said. “A Change Out not only helps attract new tenants and create a new feeling for the space, but it can increase your bottom line.”
A Change Out can be as simple as making selections for new paint colors to completely gutting and installing new items in a space — it all depends on your goals.
“The sky is the limit when it comes to design, but not everyone has the budget to realize every detail of their dream space.” Zuber said. “Through a cost-benefit analysis of every piece of your design job, we ensure that you achieve your vision, but don’t break your budget.”
Some items get used a lot, some spaces aren’t seen often, and some items almost never used. Through an analysis, we can identify where your dollars are best spent, and where you should save them.
“The design process can get overwhelming. Every inch of your space can be redesigned or updated, and the options are endless.” Zubewr said. “We streamline the process by showing you the best recommendations for your updates, which saves you time and money.”
Zuber looks forward to working with you on your next design project.

“I like working with clients,” Zuber said. “Designing interesting and uplifting spaces helps increase the quality of an owner and tenants day-to-day. It why I do what I do.”  

satintouch designs our office

We love design so much, we redesigned our new offices in Minneapolis.
As a company that provides design & rehab services, we wouldn’t be very good if we didn’t redesign our new offices in Minneapolis.
To give our industrial space some style, we gutted this concrete facility then designed it to fit our brand.
To mirror who our company is, we actively chose to keep and add industrial looking elements to the space, but accent them with elements of high design and luxury. A perfect visual metaphor for what we do, immediately communicated to our clients upon entering the space.
With heavy warehouse doors on top of hard concrete floors, each office visually communicates the industrial backbone of what we do. Inside our offices, however, the bright blue supports the feeling of tranquility, our brand, and high luxury and design with a touch of home.
The modern white office furniture shows that we are forward thinking in our work. As white not only shows clarity and modernity, but it visually displays the cleanliness we keep in our own space, as white is not a forgiving color when it comes to stains.
In our owner’s office, the industrial feel meets the comfort of home with a modern touch. A regal wooden desk sits in front of a modern fireplace, one that is often found in apartment complexes, and a mantle to give the warm feeling of being home – something satintouch helps create for all of our clients.

The ROI of Design & Rehab

No matter the property, it’s always a good investment to rehab.
To rehab or not to rehab? That is the question. But, to those who have rehabbed, the answer is clear:  rehab, rehab, and rehab!
But Why Should I Rehab?
Every building ages with time, and so does the hardware. And, with any amount of time, the look and feel of the apartment based on fixtures, hardware, and colors go out-of-date. A discerning client may look at your space and think: Wow, this place was built in the 70s, wasn’t it?
Rehabbing provides your space much needed updates that catch the eye of potential tenants, not only expanding your demographics, but allowing your property to increase the rental rates for this new clientele.
Anything you can do to help create a condo look and feel in a property will help increase the rental asking price and attract a new demographic.
A New Rehab Targets New Demographics
To get a new demographic, you’ll need to present potential clients with something new. Whether your building was built in 1970 or 1901, a rehab provides the essential new look that will help sell a property.  And, with new and more luxurious or modern facilities, you can attract a new demographic – young professionals who look for central city locations and luxury. This highly responsible demographic is willing to pay more per unit, respect facility rules, and pay up their accounts on time. Truly, they’re a property manager’s dream tenant.
A Return on Investment
There are many variables that impact rent and asking prices for rent, including: the age of the building, where it’s located, its tenant profile, and the surrounding competition.
If your properties don’t have good curb appeal, people will just drive by and keep looking for a property that more aligns with their vision of home.
Many owners report that replacing carpeting with vinyl, tile, or wood flooring promises the greatest return on their investment. Additionally, these are great flooring choices, as they are durable and easier to maintain.
Moreover, the best rooms to reinvent are the kitchen and the bathrooms. estimates an 85 percent ROI on kitchen and bath remodels. From new cabinets to fixtures, faucets, and surfaces, these two rooms garner a lot of attention from tenants.
And with new space targeting a new demographic, rental rates will increase putting money back in your pocket. On average, after a unit is rehabbed, a property can increase rental rates from 10 to 30 percent.

What should I Rehab?

With so many places to rehab in your apartment complex, where should you even begin?
First, start with your audience in mind and ask yourself a few questions. What do they want? What types of places are they currently living? Do some research and see what types of things are drawing them to that place (besides location) that are within your control.
And, make sure to look specifically at these parts of their chosen dwellings:
Interior and Exterior Paint
Types of colors, accented walls, designs, etc. Are they bright and bold or unobtrusive and utilitarian?
Are the spaces consistently one type of flooring? What type of floor is it? Carpet, hardwood, vinyl or a mix?
Kitchen & Bath
Kitchens and bath remodels truly bring in a strong ROI when rehabbed. Pay attention to the cabinets and surfaces and fixtures in both the bathroom and kitchen.
Windows & Doors
Windows do provide cost savings in terms of heat, but many consumers are simply looking for the design and ease of function. Doors are very inexpensive in comparison and help with heat, and help accent the space. Review the styles of both as part of the overall look and feel of the space.
What’s the state of the fixtures? What style are they? Color schemes? They’re often the easiest and cheapest to replace, and fixtures are found every room in a property.
And if you haven’t already, take stock of your fixtures: door handles that stick, toilets that constantly run, lighting older than 1990, cabinet hardware that has lost its finish, mini-blinds with missing slats, and faucets or tubs that drip.
These inexpensive fixes will help update the property, appeal to potential tenants, and reduce after-the-fact maintenance.
If you’re still confused as to what to look for, satintouch will consult with you about your space and how to redesign and rehab in order to help you get a sold return on investment.