The Water Restoration Process

Water intrusion and water damages can be devastating, no matter how minor. Your residence (or business) is impacted to varying degrees. Water restoration for damages caused by water intrusion may be simply vacuuming up water and drying out a room, or it can involve reconstruction of large areas. By contracting with qualified professionals, you ensure that your property will be returned to its pre-damaged condition quickly and efficiently.

Qualified contractors will:

  • extract the water,
  • dry out the premises,
  • remove mold,
  • repair structural damage,
  • clean the upholstery and carpets,
  • deodorize,
  • and restore your property expeditiously and efficiently

Once the job has been completed to your satisfaction, they will bill your insurance company.


Water damage can happen for a variety of reasons, and it’s essential to act quickly. Wet sheetrock, wet carpet, and sub-flooring, and standing water create a biohazardous environment where bacteria and mold can grow, resulting in airborne pathogens that can trigger allergies or other respiratory conditions.

Restoring to pre-damage condition

Most standard policies cover water damage claims for internal water damage; however, they typically do not cover damage from neglect or lack of maintenance,  nor damage from a flood (unless you carry a flood endorsement on your policy).

The water restoration process involves water removal, decontamination, drying, and mold treatment where necessary. Reparations start with a thorough inspection of the damages, including floors, sub-floors, walls, cabinetry, and ceilings –any place the water has seeped to and caused damage.

Besides the physical structure of the premises, other components may have suffered water damage as well:

  • Ductwork
  • HVAC systems
  • Insulation
  • Wiring

How long do repairs take?

On average, it takes 72 hours for one room to be completely dried out and ready for reconstruction, but it all depends on the materials and the degree of damage. After that, it takes on average of 1-2 weeks for the water damage repairs to be completed.

Water Damage Classes and Categories

ASSESSMENT – an insurance adjuster will come out and conduct a premise inspection of the damages. They will classify and categorize the type of water damage to determine the best course of action for repairs.

The 4 Classes of Water Damage:

  • Class 1: least level of damage: the entire room is not involved; minimal moisture absorption.
  • Class 2: the entire room has been affected by water damage; walls and carpeting have absorbed as a considerable amount of moisture.
  • Class 3: the highest level of damage: water damage has occurred to walls, with widespread saturation, and may include ceiling damage.
  • Class 4: special drying equipment for stone, hardwood, and concrete is necessary for this level of water damage

Categories of Water Damage

  • Category 1 – Broken pipes, toilet tanks and other sources of clean water
  • Category 2 – “grey water,” from dishwashers or washing machine as well as toilet overflows with urine
  • Category 3 – water comes from unsanitary sources with bacteria and microbes, such a river flooding, sewage, as well as standing water

WATER REMOVAL – The amount and types of equipment used includes pumps and vacuums and depends on the extent of the damage. Preventing mold and bacterial growth is critical.

DRYING – Drying and dehumidifying starts once all water and porous surfaces have been vacuum-dried. This part of the process can be time-consuming and take several weeks.

CLEANING – All personal effects will be cleaned, sanitized, and receive antimicrobial treatments to prevent unwanted mold and bacterial growth. Air scrubbers may be installed temporarily to remove airborne particles and moisture from the air.

RESTORATION – Restoration can require replacing a few sheets of drywall or replacing entire walls. For hidden damages that have persisted over long periods, causing unseen mold growth, the restoration process takes even longer.

In Case of Water Damage…

Removing all contaminated and wet materials is time-sensitive. The EPA recommends disposing of any materials that have not been thoroughly dried and cleaned within 48 hours of the occurrence. By removing these “contaminants,” air quality is improved, and also makes the restoration process more manageable. Airborne microorganisms and pathogens are less likely to multiply and spread.

Once you have removed all contaminated materials, contact the insurance adjuster to let them know they can send an inspector who can then start the restoration process.

Mold Remediation 

Mold spreads very quickly. So, it is especially important to remove excess water and thoroughly dry all personal effects and furnishing as soon as possible. If you hire the contractors, remember to request certificates for any mold remediation.

Temporary Living Arrangements

Depending on the amount of damage, you may need to move to temporary facilities while your home or offices are being restored. Based on your coverage, the insurance company will pay for a temporary relocation and other essentials. Ask your contractors if they will bill your insurance company directly. Keep all of your receipts.

Work with Professionals

Water can cause severe damage that may become irreversible quickly, so start the remediation process as soon as possible. Your insurance company has worked with many professionals in your area; they can handle all the repairs and schedule for you. They can handle all of it, part of it or none of it – the more they manage, the quicker the process.

When it comes to your property, you need a restoration company you can trust. Turn to Satin Touch (Homes Reinvented), a locally owned and operated company. We are a professional and responsive company that offers 24/7 service and support. We carry full liability and worker’s comp.

If your property has suffered water damage, give Satin Touch (Homes Reinvented) a call today and let us help you get things restored quickly. We’ll get everyone back up and running in no time!

How to Find the Best Home Painting Company Near Me

When you need home painting, proximity is something that really matters. Simply searching for the best home painting company will pull up whoever has the best website SEO, no matter where they are in the country. That is why you are careful to search for a “home painting company near me”. That final modifier ensures that Google looks within your own neighborhood to find a home painting service that will suit your needs.
But how do you know which home painting service near you is the best? There are a few different ways to find out.

The Home Painting Headquarters is Near Your Home

Always start with distance. Take your time to decide whether a home painting service is really ‘near you’ or if they just have a local mailbox somewhere nearby. A residential home or a PO box are both signs of a painting service that is actually further away than you’d like.
The importance of nearby home painters is all about convenience for both you and the painting team. The further out they are, the longer it will take to drive to your home or pick up supplies they need along the way. Home painters near you can more easily schedule and provide your services without a long drive or other clients in-between.

Painters With a Long History of Positive Reviews

Next, take a look at the online reviews. In this day and age, reviews are everything. The quantity, quality, and duration of reviews is what will really tell you about the services offered. Reviews are short personal stories from real people who have experienced the painting services you’re about to hire. Their positive comments can guide you toward the right painting team that you would enjoy working with.
Look not just for 5-stars, but for a long history of reviews going back several years.  And a few non-5-stars are OK, too. Showing a greater degree of honesty in the review selection is a good sign.

Offering a Variety of Painting Services

Another important factor is the variety of painting services available. Most people, when they need a home painted, need more than just the easiest-to-reach walls repainted. Chances are, you want the baseboards and doorframes painted as well. You might want your cabinets painted or you might need an interior and exterior coat of paint to make your home look fresh and new again. Look for painters that offer interior, exterior, trim, and cabinetry painting among other things so that you can ensure a full and satisfying service.

A Gallery of Beautifully Painted Homes

The more photo examples of your painters’ work, the better. Look for astounding before-and-after shots and beautiful visual tours of homes that have been repainted. Galleries are a great way to tell if the level of quality would be satisfactory for you. Not all painters are experts, but the proof is in the photographs. If the light switch covers and outlet covers are clean and you don’t see any signs of dripping, there’s a good chance you are working with real painting professionals near you.

Happy Customers You Can Talk To

Finally, ask to talk to a customer or two who has worked with your painting team in the past. The real-life account of what it’s like to work with the painting team is a clear indication of how enjoyable you will find your upcoming project. Listen to find out if the team is responsive, good at problem-solving, if they have a natural eye for color, or if they’re impressively thorough. A testimonial interview is a great way to get a feel for painters you are about to hire.
Are you searching for “home painting service near me”? If so, look no further than Satin Touch. Located in Ham Lake Minnesota, we proudly serve the North-of-Minnesota area from Rogers to Forest Lake and beyond. Contact us today to consult on the home painting project you have in mind.

Best Golden Valley Interior & Exterior House Painters

golden valley paintingGolden Valley, MN, is a truly beautiful place to live. Just north of Minneapolis, the suburban community is renowned for great schools and beautiful neighborhoods. With a unique mix of modern and historic homes, Golden Valley offers a relaxed alternative to the busy inner-city lifestyle while still being close enough to Minneapolis to enjoy all the amenities and shopping hotspots only a few minutes drive away. Or if you’d rather stay local, there are plenty of smaller shops, parks, and places to grab a great cup of coffee nearby.
Residents in Golden Valley also tend to be homeowners, with beautiful homes worth being proud of. So when it comes time to repaint your Golden Valley home, it’s only natural that you’d look for the best home painters in the region. Due to the convenient location, you have your pick of Minneapolis-based services or services that specialize in the historic suburban areas north of Minneapolis serving neighborhoods from New Hope to Forest Lake. 

High-Quality Golden Valley House Painting

When selecting house painters for your Golden Valley home, quality is the most important deciding factor. You need a service that considers just how important home aesthetics are in this surprisingly competitive housing market. Whether you’re painting the home for your own enjoyment and regular maintenance or you’re preparing the home for sale or rent, precise and detail-oriented painters are those who will ensure every corner, line, and baseboard are perfect before the job is done.
You’re looking for a team that is not only experienced and skilled in home painting for interiors and exteriors, but also a team that understands the unique style and value of a Golden Valley home.

Color Palette Selection

Another essential part of painting your home is choosing the exact right balance of colors. Like every Minnesota suburb, Golden Valley has its own unique style that is an elegant mix of historic homes and new designs. Your neighborhoods tend toward subtle pastel shades and rich natural tones. Fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert in home color palettes when your painters understand the style and colors you’d prefer.
The right professional painters can help you decide on a color palette that will both perfectly accentuate your home’s natural beauty and blend wonderfully with the shared style of your neighborhood. Whether you’re looking for a splash of color or an elegant adherence to historical style, expert painters can help you make that vision into a home appearance worth being proud of.

Interior and Exterior House Painting

Homes are more often painted on the inside than the outside, but true professionals can do both for you. Paint is a natural part of regular home maintenance and the color of your home influences the feel of the entire property. Look for a home painting service that can offer expert services for both interior and exterior home painting. This way, you can arrange to have your entire home refinished in perfect new colors in one lightning-fast project. Your home will look brand-new again with a beautiful shine of exterior paint and pristine interior walls in a subtly attractive new color palette.

Home Painters Close Enough to Call

Don’t forget to prioritize home painters who will prioritize you. Golden Valley is close enough to Minneapolis to share in the metropolitan home services. But a painting company located in the suburbs north of Minneapolis will be better able to prioritize your services and reach your home without delay to consult and complete your painting project.

Satin Touch Painters for Your Golden Valley Home

The Satin Touch team has been serving the greater Minneapolis and St Paul area since 2011 and would be honored to provide our services to your Golden Valley home. Located just south of Ham Lake, we understand the unique style of each local suburban neighborhood and will treat your home with the respect and care it deserves. Contact us today for your free consultation where we can help you choose a color palette and refine your vision before bringing that vision to life with precision interior and exterior home painting. With Statin Touch, your Golden Valley home is in good hands.