down to the details: carpet cleaning

cleaning-1224832While others just clean, we soften carpets.
From our feet to a spilled drink, not a day goes by that your carpet doesn’t take a beating. And, the time you most notice it? Moving day. Before you can rent or sell, you’ll need to reinvent your carpet. satintouch Detailers reinvent your carpet by softening it. How do our on-site Detailers soften a carpet? Just like our Eye for Detail, we have a process for it.
A Clean Carpet is a Soft Carpet
First, we pre-treat the carpet to loosen up all of the normal grime that’s accumulated, and add ph to the carpet. Then we carefully brush the carpet to kick up that dust deep down in the carpet that normal vacuuming doesn’t catch.
Next we use the finest, yet safest, cleaning agents available on the market today to assure a dynamic clean without compromising your, your family or pet’s health.
Finally, we soften the carpet because a crunchy carpet is unappealing. A crunchy carpet happens when a cleaner doesn’t carefully rinse and remove all of the solution in the carpet, allowing it to dry. Our Detailers thoughtfully and carefully rinse to remove all solution from every fiber of carpet. This process neutralizes the ph put into the carpet, creating a soft feel. And, as we use the highest end solutions to clean, what remains is a soft carpet you could sleep on. And, you just might.
Stains of all Shapes and Colors
While our carpet cleaning process handles most general stains in our first treatment, there are stubborn stains that require a little more attention. You know the culprits: red wine, bodily fluids, Kool-Aid, and just about anything red.
For those tough to clean stains, our Detailers apply pressure and steam to transfer the stain from the carpet fiber to a cloth – ensuring that it doesn’t smear or damage the carpet. Even wax is no match for our Detailers, who can easily peal away the wax with our system of pressure and steam.
No matter what your carpet needs, the end result is the same: a clean, soft carpet free of stains.

meet a Detailer: marcell

He’s dedicated to reinventing your rooms.
satintouch quarterly: satintouch does everything from painting and cleaning for commercial and residential spaces, but for you, what kinds of jobs do you love doing?
marcell: I’m proud of every job that I’ve done for commercial and residential properties all around the state. But, I absolutely love carpet cleaning. It’s the last thing you see, but one of the first things you notice with your feet. Does it feel crunchy on my feet or soft? Then you look down. Is it clean? Is that a stain hiding over there. And, making sure that no one asks those questions about your space is my job, and one I’m proud to do.
STQ: Carpet cleaning sounds very difficult – especially when you walk into a room where who knows what kind of punishment the carpet’s received or what kind of stain is hiding around the corner.
M: Yeah, and that’s why I enjoy it so much – the challenge. I’ve seen all kinds of hard to clean stains like wax, red wine, Kool-Aid, and even mystery stains that to this day, I’m still not quite sure what it was, but was able to remove it. Thankfully, through my years of experience as a Detailer and the process we use with satintouch, I walk into those situations confidently, and with the right tools to get the job done.
STQ: You mention process and tools … what is that process and those tools, and how does it translate into your job cleaning carpets?
M: It’s all about walking in with the right tools. Like all Detailers, I only use the highest quality carpet cleaning solutions, finest brushes, high-powered vacuums. But, even with the best tools at a Detailers side, they need process. That’s where I lean on our Eye for Detail process to methodically prepare and clean a carpet. First we pre-treat the carpet, then brush it, and finally soften it by removing all traces of cleaning solution. Then for tough to get out stains, I rely on steam and pressure to transfer, not wipe or suck, the stain out of the carpet, while not damaging it.
STQ: And when someone sees you wearing a satintouch uniform, what do you want them to think?
M: First, a smile. Then, “Marcell cleaned and softened my carpet, and I can’t believe he was able to get that stain out!”

the satintouch story

About SatinTouchFounder Chad Lange tells us about the company’s origins and mission.
satintouch quarterly: What was the inspiration for starting the company?
chadlange: It came out of my experience. Just like my clients today, I sat in the very same seat as the property managers. Working in the industry gave me the opportunity to wear many different hats, including maintenance, leasing, marketing, assistant property manager and property manager. From this, I was able to learn about and work in every facet of the property management business.
The most striking lesson was experiencing the “end-of-month.” It was my least favorite and most stressful part of the job. It was stressful simply because with a lot of renters moving in and out, a property manager needs to coordinate, schedule, and project manage multiple vendors to handle all the cleaning, painting and maintenance before the new renters moved in. And, all of this takes your focus off of what I believe to be the most important job in property management, focusing on my current residents, staff and the community.
I thought that there has to be a better solution. So, I sought out to create that solution: a trusted vendor who can handle everything at the end-of-month, and is just one phone call or email away; hence, satintouch, Inc. was born.
STQ: Tell us a little bit about how you made the company what it is today.
CL: satintouch was born with the mentality of constantly raising the bar of quality craftsmanship and client service in the painting and cleaning business. It was my hope to create lifetime relationships with the property managers and property management companies that we are fortunate to team up with.
STQ: What’s your fondest memory of creating this business?
CL: My fondest memory was when we hired our first painter. He truly believed in our company’s vision of raising the bar in this industry. And, the great thing about owning a company like satintouch is that I get to relive and create new fond memories each time we are blessed to add someone to the satintouch family.
STQ: What does the future hold for satintouch?
CL: Our company continues to evolve and is focused on helping those we work with gain the recognition they work extremely hard to receive. It is our mission to help, in whatever capacity they need us to, property managers, their staff and property in general win a Multi-Housing Achievement in Design, Advertising and Community Support (MADACs) award. By doing this, we know we have done our job.
Moreover, it is our company’s belief that everyone, no matter their economic class deserves a clean place to call home. Recently we gave back to the community by sponsoring a family in need. satintouch will continue to find ways to give back to our community.
STQ: What is the one thing you want the name satintouch associated with in the minds of your clients?
CL: That satintouch cares about the success of my business and properties.