Action Plan for a Healthy Lawn to Attract Tenants

The lawns around your property are the first thing a potential tenant sees. Make sure it’s green and beautiful for the high turnover time – spring and summer.
February is a great time to begin making plans for how the property should look during the growing season.
• Assess the lawn, beds, trees and the general landscape
• Determine what needs to be cut back, removed, culled and reshaped.
• Plot a path and follow it.
As temperatures get warmer, put your plan into action.
• Cut back ground cover and monkey grass.
• Prune plants that require pruning.
• Reduce large shrubs that are overgrown.
• Make sure bigger shrubs are but back before they start to bud.
• Check your irrigation.
• Fertilize.
April usually is the final chance to get the lawn in shape before the heat hits.
• Plant shrubs, grasses and other new plant life.
• Trim trees.
• Apply pesticides.
• Mulch beds and other areas.