Anoka Interior & Exterior House Painters

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Anoka, MN, is a beautiful northern suburb of Minneapolis built in classic Minnesota style. The homes of Anoka are elegant, tending toward pale siding paint colors and warm brick designs. Some of the homes are brand new, but many in the Anoka community are over 100 years old, built in the early 1900s. What’s amazing is that Anoka maintains its historical charm as these old homes are updated and kept in beautiful condition. 
Whether you live in a newer Anoka house or a historic location, keeping up with your interior and exterior painting is an important part of regular maintenance. So it’s no surprise if you are currently looking for interior and exterior house painters in Anoka to meet your needs.

What Anoka Residents Need from a Home Painting Service

  • Professional Precision and Experience
  • Color Palette Selection
  • Respect for Historic Homes
  • Located Near Anoka

When it comes time to repaint your Anoka home, not just any painting service will do. If all you needed was to patch a few scuffs, you could paint for yourself or pay a few local teenagers. But when it comes time to repaint your exterior siding or reinvent the colors and paint of your home interior, professional painting services are a must. You need a team that knows how to help you with the color palette, how to make clean edges and manage baseboards and wall plates. You need a team that can make your home look brand new again with a simple layer or three of paint.
Even more importantly, you need a team that understands the style and historical charm of Anoka homes. A generic home painting service might not grasp the beauty of your suburban community or the importance of maintaining that historic charm that helps old and new homes blend into a beautiful neighborhood.

The Importance of Nearby Interior & Exterior House Painters

Another important factor to consider is proximity. Many homeowners who live in the suburbs north of Minneapolis find themselves directed to Minneapolis services. But Anoka is actually quite far from central or southern Minneapolis. Homeowners in Anoka often learn that it’s better to look for services that are located in nearby suburbs north of Minneapolis and exclusively serve the surrounding suburban areas.
A local house painting service will not only have a greater understanding of the Anoka culture and aesthetic style, they will also have an easier time scheduling and reaching your home to provide painting services. You won’t have to wait for painters to arrive within a several-hour window and you are more likely to be a priority client with a service that focuses on the suburbs rather than city residents.

Appreciated by Your Neighbors

If you’ve found a few nearby house painters and are considering which to choose, don’t forget to check the reviews or even ask around among people you know who have had their homes repainted. The services with glowing reviews stacked to the rafters and a positive local reputation will stand out from other local services that can’t compare. Positive online reviews, especially going back several years, show that the service has been providing great home painting to your community and building a strong reputation. Word of mouth is also a great recommendation, and you may even get a closer look at some of the painting work done by the team you’re considering.
Is the work up to your standards? Do they know how to handle historic baseboards or new siding? If so, then it’s time to schedule a consultation.

Satin Touch: Interior & Exterior House Painters for Your Anoka Home

If your Anoka home needs home painting for the interior, exterior, or both; Satin Touch is ready to provide the painting services you need. Look us up online or ask around among your neighbors. We have been proudly serving the greater Minneapolis and St Paul area for over 8 years after founding in 2011. Our headquarters are located just south of Ham Lake and we are passionate about serving our closest neighbors with more dedication than inner-city services. We understand Anoka homes and homeowners because we are your neighbors and will show your home the respect, love, and precision it deserves. 
Please contact us to schedule your free consultation and discuss what you would like to see in interior and/or exterior painting of your Anoka home.