Better Tenant Communication

Posting news and events on your company website provides the information in one place. Updating tenant news on your company’s website requires minimal effort, but it’s a passive means of communication. Your tenants aren’t checking your page daily or at all.
Emails and e-newsletters
This offers landlords a more active way of distributing information; in other words, when you send out an email or a newsletter and you know that your tenant will see it in their inbox. You will have to update mailing lists, deal with distribution and bounce-back emails, and may even have to invest in a specialized mass mailing system.
Sending out notices via snail mail involves putting a mailing together, spending money on postage, and accounting for the lag time it takes between when communication is sent and when it is received. This is compounded by the fact that because many of your tenants communicate primarily electronically, they may not even check their mail boxes that often anymore. In other words, all of this effort could potentially be for naught in the end.
If you do want to utilize hard copy communication methods, your best bet is to post bulletins in highly visible areas of your property.
Ask your Tenants
Go straight to the source for input from your tenants. Ask them what their preferred method of receiving information is and after you’ve received this feedback you can either go with the majority, target specific people or a mix of both.
Use them wisely
Whether it’s electronic or paper, any type of communication will simply become white noise if they are constantly overwhelmed with information.