Creating Community at your Residence

Property managers often refer to their properties as communities, and rightfully so. But have you ever thought about strengthening that community? One of the things that apartment dwellers typically comment on about living in an apartment is a sense of isolation. In order to build and strengthen your community, consider starting up a few of the suggestions below:
Have a decorating contest – you can apply this activity to virtually any holiday or occasion!
Form a community watch program – people working together to keep your residence safe.
Grow a community garden in whatever space you have to use.
Plan monthly events like community barbecue, garage sale, or even monthly movie night.
Hold a monthly drawing for a gift card or free gas. Enter everyone who pays their rent on time.
Send a monthly newsletter giving you a personality with recipes, resident announcements, and a few coupons to local stores.
These events may require some additional time and effort from you and your staff, but creating a sense of community should be at the top of your list. By providing your tenants with a sense of belonging, you’ll create loyal group of tenants who are likely to remain happy renters long term.