How to Pick Paint Colors for your Home Interiors

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We understand that picking colors can be tough on homeowners because they may think they are not well-versed enough in color combination ideas. Some may not be confident about paint brands or have no idea which finish is best for specific locations. Here at Satin Touch, our design professionals and our painting staff are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to interior painting. But, before you decide on your paint colors, let us share a few tips we have learned over our years of providing top-notch service in CentralEast Minnesota.

Be Bold

Most homeowners want to be careful about their color picks in their house. They don’t want to have loud colors that they tire of in a short time. Many homeowners want to stay away from too much neutral color in their dwelling, which might make their home seem drab. But “going bold” can be taken in small steps. If you’re not ready to paint your entire kitchen a bright yellow, you may want to start small; perhaps in the powder room.
Choose a yellow that might seem a little bright, and tone it down a notch. You may find yourself excited about such a pop of color. Sherwin Williams, a paint we turn to often, has a yellow by the name of Cheerful (SW 6903) that is very much like the color of a school bus. If this yellow is more than you can handle, consider going a few shades lighter to a hue by the name of Lemon Twist (SW 6909). We think you will be surprised at how cheery and pretty this yellow looks in such a small area. Accent molding, mirror frame, and towels might be gorgeous in bright white. Your guests will thank you for this experience.
By the way, Architectural Digest says it’s always a grand idea to incorporate some yellow.

Color Combinations 101

Artists and decorators alike will tell you that blending a hot color with a cooler one is almost always an excellent choice. Some warm and more refreshing colors that complement one another are:

  • Deep orange and sky blue
  • Peacock-blue and mossy green
  • Pale pink and dark chocolate
  • Deep plum and gray-blue

The team at Apartment Therapy is taking notes from Ikea. In the color category, these are the trends that are in for 2020:

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At Satin Touch, we know how vital paint can be. Our designers and skilled craftsmen and craftswomen want you to have the colors you desire for your home. And, perhaps most importantly, we want to stay within your budget and deliver your projects on time.
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And, yes, we go above and beyond our clients’ expectations on every job we do. Before we begin your project, we will walk-through with you to look for any damage or restoration that needs attention. Our company is:

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