new logo, same great service

satintouch updates its brand to showcase its pillars of service.

After more than six years of service to the Twin Cities and the Midwest, you may have noticed that we’ve had a bit of a facelift to our verbiage and logo. Our commitment to excellence and customer service are at the core of our business. Our logo reflects this mission. The name satintouch reflects the end result of our care and precise work in every room we enter. The emboldened word satin snugly nudged up against a thin line touch shows the artistry and precison of our onsite Detailers. You’ll recognize any room has received the satintouch.

Star  trashResidentialm_rcommoncommercialcarpet

The color wheel outlines the encompassing nature of our services, including: residential panting & cleaning, commercial painting & cleaning, carpet cleaning, common area cleaning, trash outs, and maintenance and rehab. At the center of our services is a star connecting each pillar of our service to the core of satintouch, our Eye for Detail process that all services utilize to give our service that recognizable satintouch finish that reinvents every room that our talented Detailers enter. Longtime clients will agree, and our Detailers look forward to introducing their work to rooms around the area.