Ten Reasons to Have Carpets Cleaned Year Round

As the weather warms and people head outdoors, it is important that custodial departments don’t forget about the tasks needed to be done inside. There are many reasons why carpets should not be neglected.
1. Prolongs the life of carpeting. Regular carpet cleaning using the extraction method can increase the life of carpets significantly, saving you money in the long run.
2. Protects indoor air quality. Carpets trap airborne pollutants and eventually those pollutants must be removed in order to maintain your home’s air quality and the carpet itself.
3. Makes carpets easier to maintain. Most carpet damage is made up of dry soils; when carpets are kept up with on a regular basis, most dry soils can be removed with thorough vacuuming.
4. Removes blemishes. Spots and stains can lead to further soiling of the carpet. Removing them promptly protects against worsening damage.
5. Prevents buildup of allergens and bacteria. Moist dirtying of carpets can result in an ample supply of several unhealthy contaminants.
6. Enhances the appearance of any room. Well-maintained carpets speak volumes about the overall cleanliness of a home and increase the appeal in a space.
7. Improves working environment. Workers feel better about coming into work and doing their best when it is clean. Carpets should not be overlooked.
8. Removes dust mites and bedbugs that may have found a home in carpets. The pile on of dust may take a toll on the people who work/ live in the space due to allergies.
9. Maintains the carpet’s warranty. Most carpet warranties require that carpets be cleaned using the extraction method, usually every 12 to 18 months.