What should I Rehab?

With so many places to rehab in your apartment complex, where should you even begin?
First, start with your audience in mind and ask yourself a few questions. What do they want? What types of places are they currently living? Do some research and see what types of things are drawing them to that place (besides location) that are within your control.
And, make sure to look specifically at these parts of their chosen dwellings:
Interior and Exterior Paint
Types of colors, accented walls, designs, etc. Are they bright and bold or unobtrusive and utilitarian?
Are the spaces consistently one type of flooring? What type of floor is it? Carpet, hardwood, vinyl or a mix?
Kitchen & Bath
Kitchens and bath remodels truly bring in a strong ROI when rehabbed. Pay attention to the cabinets and surfaces and fixtures in both the bathroom and kitchen.
Windows & Doors
Windows do provide cost savings in terms of heat, but many consumers are simply looking for the design and ease of function. Doors are very inexpensive in comparison and help with heat, and help accent the space. Review the styles of both as part of the overall look and feel of the space.
What’s the state of the fixtures? What style are they? Color schemes? They’re often the easiest and cheapest to replace, and fixtures are found every room in a property.
And if you haven’t already, take stock of your fixtures: door handles that stick, toilets that constantly run, lighting older than 1990, cabinet hardware that has lost its finish, mini-blinds with missing slats, and faucets or tubs that drip.
These inexpensive fixes will help update the property, appeal to potential tenants, and reduce after-the-fact maintenance.
If you’re still confused as to what to look for, satintouch will consult with you about your space and how to redesign and rehab in order to help you get a sold return on investment.