Which Cause Do I Choose?

It might be more difficult than it sounds!
With three wonderful Causes to support from the 343Initiative, you might find yourself having trouble choosing!
Your choices are: Pets for Vets, Blanket Minnesota, and the 343 Initiative Scholarship.
Pets for Vets
US Servicemen and women give so much to us everyday on the job. Protecting our freedom and defending our borders, we owe them a debt of gratitude. Sadly, some veterans return without a warm welcome and can become lonely. Through Pets for Vets, we give our returning servicemen and women a companion animal of their choice for life, and with vaccinations and food provided for one year.
Blanket Minnesota
During the holidays, being in a hospital can be even scarier for a child. By supporting this cause, you give children the gift of a handmade warm blanket, a stuffed animal, and the happiness of a Christmas surprise.
343 Initiative Scholarship
In the 21st Century, education is paramount to success. Help us reward a student who best exemplifies the spirit of 343’s dedication to community. The scholarship will help pay for tuition, books, and any other expenses.
We also support education around the globe. Some funds will help build orphanages in Sierra Leone.
Need help deciding? Contact us to talk about it!