5 Fun Halloween Ideas for Your Apartment Community

Here are some ideas to get your residents together for a spooky or family friendly time:
Lobby candy – Whether you’re a large or small community, simply having a bowl of candy at the front desk is something everyone loves during Halloween. Add a personal touch by delivering them to your residents or placing in a mailbox with a note.
Scary movie night – If you have a commons area, set up a scary movie or family friendly Halloween movie night. Use Netflix, rent or encourage residents to bring their favorites.
Used costume swap – Costumes get expensive, so why not have residents get together and swap costumes? It gets them together and helps everyone save a few bucks this year.
Pumpkin carving – Nothing says Halloween like carving pumpkins.  If you have a community room, try hosting a pumpkin carving party there. And make sure to have them on display outside your property.
Trick-or-Treating – Set a specific time that residents know that it’s time for Trick or Treating in the community. Add extra lighting to dim areas outside to help keep it safe.