A full locker or storage space is lost revenue.

Not everyone takes every item they store, and not addressing the issue could cost you.
Spring is the season of high turnovers. And while some tenants are great at removing their footprint on the property, others tend to leave items in a most inconvenient space – the storage room.And, the inconvenience adds up quickly. Very quickly.
Having a clogged storage and locker space costs you money. Getting staff to clean the space may be an option, but given the rest of their duties, may lead to even more delay in freeing up that space. It would be worth your dollar to invest in a professional service to spring clean your entire locker and storage space with precision and speed.
Most locker and storage rooms are between $20-$50 a month to rent, and with space being taken by leftover items, that can cost your property upwards of $300 per year for each storage unit or garage — that’s $1,000s of dollars per year GONE
Hiring satintouch to clean and trash out the locker and storage space ensures that the job is done quickly and professionally, so that you can go back to earning money on that space instead of losing it.
And, by hiring satintouch to trash out your space, beyond benefitting your bottom line, you also help the needy in your area. We donate gently used items found during trash outs to people in need in our communities.