satintouch Gives Back to Build Community

Working with us isn’t just contracting a job, but becoming part of a community.
At satintouch, we work with people around the state to help reinvent rooms. Apartment complexes, commercial space, and residences.
Through our work, we make strong relationships with our clients. And from time to time, we like to surprise our clients and give back.
Zac is a property manager who has done lots of business with satintouch, and when his mother moved into a new home, his first phone call for a paint job was Chad.
“Chad and I have worked together for years.” Zac said. “I knew from experience that satintouch is the company that I trust not only with my apartment community, but with my mother’s new house.”
Tools in hand, satintouch responded and was onsite at the new home in Maple Grove. Zac’s mother Dawn was delighted to have painters on site to help make their new house a home.
“The Detailers from satintouch arrived on time, they were courteous, polite.” Dawn said. “They cleaned up and very respectful of the space wherever they were working. I’m simply amazed at how quickly they did the job.”
It was a very vanilla space, but with the right accents, became something more grand. Through diligent and detail oriented work, the job was done in a matter of hours with a professional shine that is appreciated daily.
“I still look at it today and think, ‘This is amazing! This is beautiful!’” Dawn said. “It makes the house pop. It makes the house look distinguished.”
But the truly amazing part was saved for last.
After completing the job, cleaning up, and leaving the house, Dawn fully expected to be billed. She asked to be invoiced for the job, but she didn’t expect what would happen next.
She received no bill. Even after requesting an invoice, none came. The job was free of charge. satintouch would not bill nor accept payment for their work.
“We’re about building community. Whenever we can give back, we give back.” Founder Chad Lange said. “We’ve worked together for years. This give back helps us build stronger relationships and community.”
And from today onward, Dawn and Zac admire the work and thank satintouch for them.
“We can’t thank them enough. Extremely appreciated and grateful.” Dawn said. “All these good things keep happening, and this surprise was the icing on the cake.”