Avoid common eviction mistakes


  It’s never fun, but in the property business, evictions will happen occasionally. And, even if you haven’t had one yet, the old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure” truly applies to understanding eviction mistakes. When one does happen, preparing for it will make it go a lot… Read more »

satintouch gives back


Helping our community anyway we can. As a part of our new Give Back program, satintouch adopted a family in need. In December 2014, we were proud to present Gena Hasson a check for $4,000. “I am happy that satintouch is able to help out a family who has seen some hard times, but continues… Read more »

down to the details: carpet cleaning


While others just clean, we soften carpets. From our feet to a spilled drink, not a day goes by that your carpet doesn’t take a beating. And, the time you most notice it? Moving day. Before you can rent or sell, you’ll need to reinvent your carpet. satintouch Detailers reinvent your carpet by softening it…. Read more »

meet a Detailer: marcell


He’s dedicated to reinventing your rooms. satintouch quarterly: satintouch does everything from painting and cleaning for commercial and residential spaces, but for you, what kinds of jobs do you love doing? marcell: I’m proud of every job that I’ve done for commercial and residential properties all around the state. But, I absolutely love carpet cleaning…. Read more »