Challenge your Community to Connect

chicken-talk-2-1443909Living in an apartment complex could be kind of lonely. Putting multiple people in a party room with food and icebreakers and expecting valuable connections to be made just is not the name of the game anymore! So why not start up a newly discovered game of Bubble soccer with your fellow apartment dwellers?
Combine soccer with giant inflatable bubbles, and you have got yourself into the new craze of Bubble Soccer! Create a sign up sheet for teams, talk to your neighbors about it and send out emails informing people about a fun event that can turn into a well-liked activity for everyone!
Teams of any size play against each other exactly like the normal soccer game rules, except one major difference, everyone wears huge plastic Bubbles.  Not only does it not matter what your athletic ability is, but you can do this almost anywhere!
Explore all the different creative ways you could set up your very own league and ‘soccer field’ at your community.  As long as you have teams of equal numbers, you’ve got a game!
Sounds exciting right?  It is even easy to get the equipment since there are rental companies across the states, like, making it convenient to host your own game, but not over commit your funds by owning the supplies yourself.  Prices start as low as $300 for 10 Bubble Suits with an included event coordinator.
Organizing your own league or short-term tournament can spark interest in your fellow neighbors and create a fun and different summer activity that will leave you and your newfound friends with memories for years to come.