Create Connections with the Next Generation of Renters

While print advertising remains a popular and effective way of marketing to potential renters, those hoping to reach the next generation of renters will need to make sure that their online communication skills will be able to catch their attention. With more renters using mobile devices to look for apartments, having an active online presence is a must.
Here are few suggestions to take under consideration:
o Be active and pro-active on social media sites. If you create a Facebook page for your property, don’t just post some photos. Being active on the site and engaging those that have stopped to look at your page shows that you are personable and eager to help. Be sure to monitor the site daily, so you can be ready to answer questions at a reasonable time. Approach negative comments with a professional attitude and refute the comments with factual evidence.
o Start a conversation on social media about what renters want. Do they want more amenities such as laundry rooms, workout space, or a swimming pool? A liberal pet policy? While you certainly won’t have to take all suggestions into consideration, this will give you a better idea on what renters need in a new place.
o Today, nearly everything can be done using a smart phone. In a survey done by, 28 percent of respondents used mobile sites or apps during their apartment search. Be ready for it and consider increasing your use of text messaging, emailing and direct messages.
o Explore different ways to stay in touch with your residents. Your social media promotions don’t come to a halt once an applicant signs a lease. While newsletters help with communicating, weekly announcements and reminders sent through email or text message, stand a much better chance of being read.
o Provide your renters and applicants with a way to pay deposits and rent online. It’s a lot more enticing to someone when you can accept and complete a deposit online immediately.
While offering a terrific property is the best way to get and keep your property leased, finding a way to reach the next generation of renters remains key to keep the renters coming back.