Confidently Choose Paint Colors

Begin with a Reference Point
Think of the colors you are naturally drawn to by looking at things like photographs you like, a piece of artwork, the colors in your wardrobe, and what colors you already have in your home. And, look for inspiration everywhere.
Choosing Colors
If you want to have multiple colors in a room, keep it to no more than three colors. And, if two are bold, make sure the third is neutral to give your eye a break.
Choose your boldest color first, then and then choose the others with the first color in mind.
Be bold in your decision. Paint isn’t permanent!
Color Ideas
If you choose a grey, don’t limit yourself — there’s many grey variations that aren’t found directly in a grey palate. In fact, the best grey for you might be in the purple cards.
You can keep your walls neutral and also have a darker color. And remember, neutrals also include black, brown, olive and blue.
If choosing a bold color with a vintage feel, adding grey instead of beige will help make it look more modern.
Pairing warm colors with purple brings out purple’s natural warmth. For a modern look add a grey color to the mix.
If using red, think about the base color. Blue red is industrial, and orange reds are warmer.
Go with your instinct
Color is a very personal choice, so don’t be afraid to go with your instincts. You’ll be happy with the result.