Consider changing your lease end date.

Move Lease Date
You know the adage: “Rule your schedule; don’t let your schedule rule you.” Property managers need to know how to manage their time well if they are going to manage their properties well. Changing the end date on your leases may be a helpful way of making the most of your time and giving the best to your tenants.
The atmosphere of the management is an important factor to many apartment-seekers. A potential tenant’s judgment of how pleasant it will be to deal with your team could tip the scales for or against your unit. When moveouts are piling up at the end of a month and you barely have time to take inquiries with all of the paperwork and turnarounds to do, you’re in danger of telegraphing to inquirers that you will be difficult to deal with and will not have time for their concerns.
That’s not to mention that temptation to cut corners when you have to rush. Having too much work and too little time means lower quality and ultimately poorer reviews. Even when you have a trusted turnaround provider like satintouch to do the heavy lifting, it may be impossible to schedule several units at the same time, and there’s a good chance your property will be sitting idle when it could be generating revenue.
A simple way to mitigate these risks of over-busy ends of month is to stagger the end dates on your leases. Rather than having every lease terminate at the end of a month, set some to end mid-month—some the first Monday, some the second Monday, and so on. Mid-month moveouts will spread your work out, keep you sane, and help you make a positive presentation to potential tenants. Avoiding competition with other property managers who are scheduling labor at the end of the month will also mean quicker turnarounds and potentially a faster return to revenue generation.