Occupancy is high, so is turnover. We can help.

When you have a high volume of tenants, you can expect high turnovers. With a property of 225 apartment homes and a fifty percent turnover rate, that’s about 112 move outs a year, 9.3 moves a month. For apartment managers, that means a long checklist of things to make an apartment ready for new tenants, not to mention the extra work and expense of hiring employees to do the job.
Thankfully, at satintouch we provide all the services your apartment needs to be ready for its next residents, beginning with a thorough inspection of edges, surfaces, and furnishings that need to be protected from paint or given special cleaning treatment. Our approach is not a “one size fits all” spray can of paint and chemical cleaners. We tailor everything we do to your space and your needs. Our goal is to create a partnership with you, deliver great results, and ensure your satisfaction.
After removing any items—large or small—left by the previous residents, we will restore or reinvent your room to your vision. Whether you need a simple paint job or custom work, we provide careful and detailed painting that will leave your room looking as good as new. In addition to basic carpet cleaning, we offer deodorizing and pet odor treatment, stain removal, and blacklight services. We provide deep cleaning for every room and surface, and we can repair nearly any appliance that needs attention and any damage or simple wear and tear that previous tenants have left behind.
At satintouch, we are equipped to handle any size apartment with any number of rooms, and we won’t call a job finished until you’ve inspected it yourself. We guarantee your satisfaction. In fact, if you are not 100 percent satisfied, call us back by 11 am the next day and we’ll return to correct any problems. If you still aren’t satisfied, your service will be free.